In my cauldron, I brew transformation, I am the shape-shifter, the sorceress that brings change into your life. I am the wise one, blending science and magic, drink from my cauldron of poetry and prophecy, wisdom and knowledge, inspiration and creativity. ~Lisa de St Croix Ceridwen: Welsh Deity ~ Her name means Sacred Song Transformation: … Continue reading Transformation

Slow and Steady

Over the past four years, I've been trading sessions with a peer coach. We studied together in the same coaching certification program and have spoken with one another almost every week over those years. We've gone in very different directions professionally - she is now a successful executive coach while I turned to integrate my … Continue reading Slow and Steady

Shabbos Oracle

Friday at sundown is the beginning of the Sabbath for those who practice the Jewish faith. Sabbath originates in the ancient Hebrew language as Shabbat: to rest. And in the 9th century, Jews living in diaspora Europe developed a language of their own - Yiddish. It combined German, Hebrew and Aramaic, and as the Jews … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle