We often hear, in spiritual circles, that we are inherently worthy - that we do not have to do anything to prove ourselves, our simple existence is proof of worthiness. We may have a sense, an intuition, of what worthy really means - and what it might feel like - but many of us don't … Continue reading Worthy


In my cauldron, I brew transformation, I am the shape-shifter, the sorceress that brings change into your life. I am the wise one, blending science and magic, drink from my cauldron of poetry and prophecy, wisdom and knowledge, inspiration and creativity. ~Lisa de St Croix Ceridwen: Welsh Deity ~ Her name means Sacred Song Transformation: … Continue reading Transformation

Free Yourself

Many long years ago, I was sitting across the table from my tarot mentor in her living room. She shook her head and sighed, "you're like a bird beating its wings against the cage when the open door is right next to you. You are already free." I had absolutely no idea of what she … Continue reading Free Yourself


Some days are full of fabulous conversations, the ones that are a little challenging, that offer me the opportunity to consider, integrate, and grow. Whether it's friends, clients, or my new doctor - everyone has contributed to new insights ... and to opening the path to following my north Star. During one conversation, my client … Continue reading Judgement


I can feel changes in the making; I'm not sure what direction they're coming from ... or will go ... but I can feel the subtle shifts of energy, folding and refolding into something new. Whenever changes are on the way, so are choices. Will we allow the change? Push and pull at it until … Continue reading Choosing


As you become familiar with the tarot, you'll notice that some cards appear to be a performance on a stage, like the Six of Pentacles, and others are embedded in a scene. Today we see the performance of The Haves and the Have Nots in which the wealthy merchant weighs out the value of those … Continue reading EnVision

Goddess Rising

I have been so heartened by the many discussions arising from yesterday's fire at Notre Dame in Paris. And, at least in the people I follow on Twitter and am friends with on Facebook, the discussion has been sincere, heartfelt, and respectful. One group of people noted that millions of dollars have already been raised … Continue reading Goddess Rising


I wasn't 100% sure what I would post about today - one thought was a powerful conversation I had today that included a discussion about secrets (I'll save that for another day) and the other was the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and, at the same time, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the … Continue reading Burning

Fear Itself

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt How many times have your thoughts skimmed over this quote from FDR without giving it much thought? Here's the full quote ... We have nothing to fear but fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into … Continue reading Fear Itself


Last week I had a reading of my Akashic records. I'd heard about it, didn't really quite understand what it was or how it worked, but I was curious, as always. She did a meditation and prayer and then began to receive information from her Spirit guides in the Akash. We sat silently together - … Continue reading Dominoes


Earlier this evening, I sat out on my front steps - just being. Even though I now live right off a two-lane highway, it is a quiet road most of the time. My dog lay nearby, and I heard … a woodpecker knocks on a nearby tree; songbirds practice their evensong; one of the horses … Continue reading Blessed


There are very few things that 'get' me the way that lies do. I understand little white lies that do no harm and ease your life and the lives of others. The key word here is 'little'. Of no consequence. But it seems that lies are a big commodity right now both in the larger, … Continue reading Lies


A parable is a short tale that illustrates a universal truth; it is a simple narrative. It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results. It may sometimes be distinguished from similar narrative types, such as the allegory and the apologue. A parable often involves a character who faces a moral dilemma or … Continue reading Parables


Hello Everyone! It's good to be back after a few extra days that I needed to settle in to my new home. It's not quite perfect yet, but it's well on the way. Tomorrow I'll have my first visitors - friends from Montana passing through from there to elsewhere. It's not always easy to put … Continue reading Self-Love


I'm on the threshold of day and night, today and tomorrow, my past and my future. So are you. This is my last night in the lovely home of a local friend. When I was in an unexpected situation where the home I was living in became untenable, she generously offered to let me stay … Continue reading Thresholds