Full Moon in Virgo

As we follow this path toward developing our psychic skills, we're connecting with our soul, what some call the Inner/Higher Self. Through that relationship, we're connecting with All That Is. Past, present, future, and timelessness. All conscious beings (everything is conscious) in the material/manifest world as well as in the unseen worlds. While we may … Continue reading Full Moon in Virgo

Seed Bank

A deeply satisfying day is coming to an end - and my mind returns to the very beginning, sitting with a hot mug of coffee and talking with my first client of the day. We've been working together over the past few months and today was the final session for this particular challenge. I sat … Continue reading Seed Bank

a beam of light falls onto the roadway through a forest

Higher Power

I was talking with a friend earlier and in the conversation she asked, "What are indications of higher power? What should I pay attention to?" Rather than take this Daily Oracle question to the cards, runes, or other intermediary tool, I will go straight to the Source. Greetings, friends. We are delighted to communicate with you … Continue reading Higher Power

Message on Divisiveness

Today, as I read through the headlines and commentaries on my Twitter news list, I am once again staggered by the divisiveness I see between and within different factions and parties. In this atmosphere, it's so easy to be triggered into anger, fear, and frustration; to participate in the divisive conversations. I know I'm guilty … Continue reading Message on Divisiveness