In a shamanic journey that I did earlier today, I saw a vision of a community that lived in harmony with one another and the earth: I see a small village.. They are simply going about their days. They are essentially silent, not in a forced way but as a reverence to the life around … Continue reading Constraint

Wild Ox

What do you do when someone tries to shame you? When they want you to question your experiences, your observations, your knowledge, or intuition? For me, it's very unsettling - I can feel the ground slipping beneath my feet and the slippery slope of falling back into old beliefs, old thought patterns, old and not … Continue reading Wild Ox

Message on Divisiveness

Today, as I read through the headlines and commentaries on my Twitter news list, I am once again staggered by the divisiveness I see between and within different factions and parties. In this atmosphere, it's so easy to be triggered into anger, fear, and frustration; to participate in the divisive conversations. I know I'm guilty … Continue reading Message on Divisiveness