Tend & Befriend

Have you ever felt like life was a never-ending battle and the only way to deal with it was to retreat into dreams? There's always another choice. Welcome to today's reading. We begin with the Nine of Swords, a grizzled veteran of many battles. He's learned how to defend himself and when; he has an … Continue reading Tend & Befriend

tiger jumping through hoop on fire at circus


From my archives: 10/18/2008 I had a conversation today with a friend who had been married for 20 years. Over the past year, she has been making a new life for herself and her two teenage sons, now that her husband is gone from their home. She is, on the whole, a joyful person and … Continue reading Hoops

Wild Ox

What do you do when someone tries to shame you? When they want you to question your experiences, your observations, your knowledge, or intuition? For me, it's very unsettling - I can feel the ground slipping beneath my feet and the slippery slope of falling back into old beliefs, old thought patterns, old and not … Continue reading Wild Ox

Adapt Ability

I’ve been reading Brain Rules by John Medina. I’m enjoying the book quite a bit, he presents some pretty complex information but with language that is simple and amusing. For me, to combine humor, good writing, and science – well, I’m in heaven. I want to dig in a little to something in his Chapter 2 … Continue reading Adapt Ability