Eternal Breath

Breathing out … I release Breathing in … I accept Within the pause … I allow … Breath is the beginning the center the resting place the warning signal the gasp of joy the huff of fear the balance point Following the breath to my center I rest; holding myself in the stillness offering my … Continue reading Eternal Breath

The Gift

I'll be resuming the blog tomorrow, now that I'm adjusting to my life without Shai. I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote in his honor as the gift that he was for me. He was my heart, you know not too large, not too small soft ~ open to love fierce … Continue reading The Gift

Oh My Soul

Sundays, late morning, my poetry group meets. Some of us write a new, untried poem that morning (or the night before). Others re-work something from past months or years. We sit together in what feels like a very sacred space and we read our poems. Humor and horror, joy and guilt, love and longing, writing … Continue reading Oh My Soul


I spent the afternoon docenting at the art gallery across the road. Each year, in addition to quarterly exhibits by member artists, the El Morro Area Arts Council sponsors an exhibit at the Old School Gallery of the elementary, middle, and high school students from the area. Tomorrow is the awards ceremony, and I was … Continue reading Familiar

Windstorm Bop

So, I sat down to shuffle the cards and pull a reading. I shuffle first by the traditional riffle method and then the underhand method and wait until random cards fall or stick out of the deck. The cards are pretty well mixed in. And even so, I got the three cards from yesterday's reading. … Continue reading Windstorm Bop


Sometimes, the aftermath of a move is more disruptive than the move itself! All is well ... and ... there are many small adjustments to make before I settle back in to a daily routine. I anticipate my usual daily postings to resume tomorrow evening ... if ... all goes according to plan. Meanwhile ... … Continue reading Meander


One of the blessings of moving to New Mexico was the delight of the many forms and practices of art in this small community. Within days of my move, I was attending the weekly poetry group and my own poetry began to flow after years of quietude. Today, I'm feeling a little under the weather … Continue reading Strands

Be the Change!

I'm taking the evening off to rest and recuperate. Fortunately, for you, in our poetry group this morning my dear friend Redwulf Dancingbare shared this masterpiece of a poem. It is an Oracle of where we all must go, letting go of the sharp edges of difference and discrimination and living in the softer field … Continue reading Be the Change!