Six years ago, I pulled into the parking lot of the Humane Society in Dillon, Montana. I had an appointment to see a springer spaniel; when I got out of my car and looked around, there was a small, furry, black dog in an outdoor kennel by himself. He was limping, "poor thing," I thought … Continue reading Sensing

Swords to Cups

Now that this blog is stabilizing with different types of content, I'll be dedicating the Daily Oracle on Mondays to guidance for my readers. Two of Swords ♦ Five of Cups ♦ King of Cups You can read tarot as three separate images, or you can find ways to integrate them into patterns that you notice. The first … Continue reading Swords to Cups

Clear Vision

I love tarot and oracle decks. I love the artwork and imagination that are expressed as people collaborate between seers and artists and offer us an extraordinarily diverse set of images to use as oracles. The deck I learned with is the traditional Rider-Waite, I studied with a tarot master for many years and my … Continue reading Clear Vision

A Quiet Room

As I mentioned in yesterday's Daily Oracle post, oracle messages can arrive in any  manner. Today's oracle is a quick one, and it happened a few days ago. It's a great example of how to be aware of the guidance you are always receiving from Spirit ~ through the words of others nearby. In this … Continue reading A Quiet Room