Seed Bank

A deeply satisfying day is coming to an end - and my mind returns to the very beginning, sitting with a hot mug of coffee and talking with my first client of the day. We've been working together over the past few months and today was the final session for this particular challenge. I sat … Continue reading Seed Bank

Fear Itself

In his inaugural speech, in the midst of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” He spoke to a nation of people who’d had time to allow fear to spread wide and sink deep – and that is when fear is most dangerous. When it has time to … Continue reading Fear Itself

Say The Words

This morning I walked over to the local cafe for coffee, but it was closed. I’m not sure if it's because its Monday – or because of the break-in over the weekend. So… I headed up Broadway to the library, got a library card for the first time in many years, and took out two … Continue reading Say The Words

tiger jumping through hoop on fire at circus


From my archives: 10/18/2008 I had a conversation today with a friend who had been married for 20 years. Over the past year, she has been making a new life for herself and her two teenage sons, now that her husband is gone from their home. She is, on the whole, a joyful person and … Continue reading Hoops


I’ve had a few experiences recently that have been disturbing.  Now, usually we think of disturbing as ‘bad’ … we don’t want to be disturbed. I looked it up, of course, and found the definitions were: to break up the quiet or serenity to agitate to upset, make uneasy, or anxious to break up the … Continue reading Disturbing


Take a breath. Take one more. Do you feel inspired? You just moved from a lack of awareness to awareness. You just landed yourself in your body, which might be quite far away from where you mind was roaming. You just switched control of your breath away from the autonomic nervous system which runs your … Continue reading In-Spiration