Confidence Game

I had a client recently who was excited about being invited to participate on a panel of presenters for a professional group he was involved in. After the group released a web page that included the professional profiles of each of the presenters, he began to feel more and more out of place. All the … Continue reading Confidence Game

Six Card Reading

Today was a very quiet day. It might have been a little too quiet after the past few months which were so full of change and restlessness and busy-ness. Taking a few full days to be at home, to allow some peace to flow without too much pressure felt ... odd. I felt a little … Continue reading Six Card Reading

Message on Divisiveness

Today, as I read through the headlines and commentaries on my Twitter news list, I am once again staggered by the divisiveness I see between and within different factions and parties. In this atmosphere, it's so easy to be triggered into anger, fear, and frustration; to participate in the divisive conversations. I know I'm guilty … Continue reading Message on Divisiveness

Clear Vision

I love tarot and oracle decks. I love the artwork and imagination that are expressed as people collaborate between seers and artists and offer us an extraordinarily diverse set of images to use as oracles. The deck I learned with is the traditional Rider-Waite, I studied with a tarot master for many years and my … Continue reading Clear Vision

A Quiet Room

As I mentioned in yesterday's Daily Oracle post, oracle messages can arrive in any  manner. Today's oracle is a quick one, and it happened a few days ago. It's a great example of how to be aware of the guidance you are always receiving from Spirit ~ through the words of others nearby. In this … Continue reading A Quiet Room