I Don’t Wanna!

When I was a child, under seven certainly, I did not want to go home with my parents after a visit to my dad's parents. I was so clear about "I don't wanna!" that I would hide under their bed. Way in the back so no one could get at me from either side. Many … Continue reading I Don’t Wanna!


I’ve had a few experiences recently that have been disturbing.  Now, usually we think of disturbing as ‘bad’ … we don’t want to be disturbed. I looked it up, of course, and found the definitions were: to break up the quiet or serenity to agitate to upset, make uneasy, or anxious to break up the … Continue reading Disturbing

Swords to Cups

Now that this blog is stabilizing with different types of content, I'll be dedicating the Daily Oracle on Mondays to guidance for my readers. Two of Swords ♦ Five of Cups ♦ King of Cups You can read tarot as three separate images, or you can find ways to integrate them into patterns that you notice. The first … Continue reading Swords to Cups

Adapt Ability

I’ve been reading Brain Rules by John Medina. I’m enjoying the book quite a bit, he presents some pretty complex information but with language that is simple and amusing. For me, to combine humor, good writing, and science – well, I’m in heaven. I want to dig in a little to something in his Chapter 2 … Continue reading Adapt Ability