Friday, April 5, 2019

Topics this week: Celebration! How do you celebrate the beings, experiences, things you’re grateful for? Nature! Technology! Art! Poetry!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Topics this week: crossing over thresholds both physical and metaphorical; our relationship with the dying and death; ways to begin anew; how to encounter the unknown; art on the borders.

Friday ~ March 15, 2019

Topics this week: Creating and holding space; teaching children to manage their anger; sacred lands; breaching the frontiers; boundaries between us and them.

Friday ~ March 8, 2019

Topics this week: International Women’s Day, planting seeds, planting trees, radical restructuring, stewardship of the land, OnBeing with Krista Tippet, Developing Psychic Skills

Friday ~ March 1, 2019

Friday ~ February 22, 2019

Friday ~ February 15, 2019

Friday ~ February 8, 2019


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