Shabbos Oracle

Whether you are male or female, this card is a fervent call to the realization of your own unique destiny as well as to the future evolution of humanity. Just as nature aspires to perfect itself for the ultimate benefit of All, so too, humanity seeks perfection as its most sublime offering and final destination. … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle


I’ve had a series of conversations with people over the past days about the old testament story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. Each conversation has happened in a different context with each person – but I so enjoy when these themes come up. Last night, in the midst of yet another conversation on the … Continue reading Wrestling

Spiritual Materialism

In 1973, just before spirituality became a booming industry, Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche wrote Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. I imagine that, like many of the spiritual teachers from Japan, China, Tibet, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia, he must have been shocked when he arrived in America. All the eager faces – at that time, … Continue reading Spiritual Materialism


We often hear, in spiritual circles, that we are inherently worthy - that we do not have to do anything to prove ourselves, our simple existence is proof of worthiness. We may have a sense, an intuition, of what worthy really means - and what it might feel like - but many of us don't … Continue reading Worthy


In my cauldron, I brew transformation, I am the shape-shifter, the sorceress that brings change into your life. I am the wise one, blending science and magic, drink from my cauldron of poetry and prophecy, wisdom and knowledge, inspiration and creativity. ~Lisa de St Croix Ceridwen: Welsh Deity ~ Her name means Sacred Song Transformation: … Continue reading Transformation

Free Yourself

Many long years ago, I was sitting across the table from my tarot mentor in her living room. She shook her head and sighed, "you're like a bird beating its wings against the cage when the open door is right next to you. You are already free." I had absolutely no idea of what she … Continue reading Free Yourself


Some days are full of fabulous conversations, the ones that are a little challenging, that offer me the opportunity to consider, integrate, and grow. Whether it's friends, clients, or my new doctor - everyone has contributed to new insights ... and to opening the path to following my north Star. During one conversation, my client … Continue reading Judgement


I can feel changes in the making; I'm not sure what direction they're coming from ... or will go ... but I can feel the subtle shifts of energy, folding and refolding into something new. Whenever changes are on the way, so are choices. Will we allow the change? Push and pull at it until … Continue reading Choosing

Some Housekeeping

How many of us have been in a class or a meeting or seminar where the presenter stands up to say ... a few words about housekeeping. Ugh ... boring. I've been working on getting my metaphorical feet back under me and recovering from some physical setbacks. Last night, while ignoring the little voice that … Continue reading Some Housekeeping

Chasing the Pain

I first learned about EFT (emotional freedom technique or tapping) back in 2005. The man I was involved with at the time swore by it's effectiveness although I never witnessed it helping him one bit. Still, I was curious, and wanted to know more. I studied through Gary Craig, the founder of this method of … Continue reading Chasing the Pain

Impostor Syndrome

While I recover for a few more days, I want to offer you some posts from other people who are also teachers of practical spirituality. This post from Reiki Rays is a great discussion about Impostor Syndrome -- feeling like you're a fake, that you aren't good enough, don't know enough ... you know the … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome


There is a wonderful quote in Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars: Enough is as Good as a Feast. But, what do we do when there isn't enough? Enough food ... enough money ... enough breath? Over the past few weeks, I've been falling asleep during the day more and more often - so often that … Continue reading Enough


Our theme for this week is prosperity Yesterday, I suggested that you consider digging a little deeper into what prosperity and wealth means to you and to consider your values. When I was younger, I thought that prosperity and wealth was all about the big house, the nice car, the landscaped property, you know ... … Continue reading Perspective

Oh My Soul

Sundays, late morning, my poetry group meets. Some of us write a new, untried poem that morning (or the night before). Others re-work something from past months or years. We sit together in what feels like a very sacred space and we read our poems. Humor and horror, joy and guilt, love and longing, writing … Continue reading Oh My Soul


As you become familiar with the tarot, you'll notice that some cards appear to be a performance on a stage, like the Six of Pentacles, and others are embedded in a scene. Today we see the performance of The Haves and the Have Nots in which the wealthy merchant weighs out the value of those … Continue reading EnVision