The word prediction comes from the same root as predicament, which is nearly always something unpleasant; prophecy, however, implies collaboration with the divine in order to co-create the most interesting, ingenious, and loving world possible. Our work together is thus a prophet-sharing venture.* ~ Caroline Casey ~ I had a question from a reader about … Continue reading Predict?


A few years ago I was scrolling through Twitter, my favorite avoidance technique on the planet, when I saw a thread that turned into a conversation about ADHD. The person I was reading was describing circumstances that were so challenging that my heart went out to him. And then, as I continued to read, my … Continue reading NeuroDiverse


My favorite time of evening is when the trees are sillouettes and the western skies rise from the blushing reds and oranges to the cooler twilight blues. Here, at sunset, the winds calm into stillness and there is peace. About a month ago, I was sitting out on the deck of our local cafe having … Continue reading Sadie

Eternal Breath

Breathing out … I release Breathing in … I accept Within the pause … I allow … Breath is the beginning the center the resting place the warning signal the gasp of joy the huff of fear the balance point Following the breath to my center I rest; holding myself in the stillness offering my … Continue reading Eternal Breath

Values to Live By

On Thursdays, I meander across the road to sit at the local art gallery for the afternoon. I enjoy my time as docent. Often, it's quiet for hours, I can write, read, sit outside and watch the clouds sail over the mesas, and listen to the insects singing, invisibly, nearby. I chat with visitors to … Continue reading Values to Live By


Long time, no see! I'm popping in to say, "hello" and to let you know what's going on in my world of practical spirituality. It's been just over two weeks and my life has been a whirlwind that, honestly, came out of nowhere. Chaos is not random, it is a way that random things come … Continue reading Re-Turn

Journey to the Past

I invite you to take a journey with me into our shared past. Imagine a village, many many thousands of years ago. The people lived in a simple harmony with the land, the other creatures, and themselves. They were well nourished in body, mind, heart, and soul. The women tended the gardens as they learned … Continue reading Journey to the Past

Inner Calling

Guidance for the Week of June 9 through June 15 Do you feel like you're here, on earth at this moment in time, for a reason? Do you feel that you are here to service a particular purpose? The guidance for this week is that it's time to listen more carefully, stand up, and welcome … Continue reading Inner Calling


I was on Twitter this morning and a tweet that initially made me smile, then made me think ... In my studies of Taoism, the underlying energy for me is one of flow and transformation - and never a static state of being. Never an empty account, never a full account. Instead, one that could … Continue reading Empty?


I'm sure you've heard the saying, "when one door closes another opens." It's part of a longer quote attributed to Alexander Graham Bell: When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. I … Continue reading Doorways

The Gift

I'll be resuming the blog tomorrow, now that I'm adjusting to my life without Shai. I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote in his honor as the gift that he was for me. He was my heart, you know not too large, not too small soft ~ open to love fierce … Continue reading The Gift


My Shai died a little earlier today and we buried him in his bed with his blanket under a beautiful pine tree. My heart is broken - and will be taking a few days away from here.

Dream Big

Back in 2005, I was 47. I lived in a lovely semi-rural town in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. My daughter had moved out and on to her adult life in Boston, about to discover a world that she could not have imagined those mornings she stood at the end of the driveway looking … Continue reading Dream Big


Guidance ~ Week of May 26 to June 1 ~ Creativity ~ watch the sliver of inspiration wax to the fullness of creation Mawu I am the Moon, the Mother of Earth Creator of all life In the coolness of night By the Moon's brilliant light Make generous love Be pregnant with inspiration Give birth … Continue reading Creativity

Do Be Do Be Do

To be honest, the only quote we know for sure is true is Sinatra's ... I read the news. Every day. I didn't always - I went through a period of ten years or so when I simply didn't care. I was in a "cave in Tibet" mindset. Then, I didn't want to know, I … Continue reading Do Be Do Be Do


Six years ago, I pulled into the parking lot of the Humane Society in Dillon, Montana. I had an appointment to see a springer spaniel; when I got out of my car and looked around, there was a small, furry, black dog in an outdoor kennel by himself. He was limping, "poor thing," I thought … Continue reading Sensing


A little over a year ago I completed the course work, including a 98 page written exam, and received my Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science. I was also ordained as a Metaphysical Minister and certified as a Metaphysical Practitioner. It was the first of three steps in earning my PhD in Metaphysics. ~ Officiating at … Continue reading Stories


Yesterday the weather grew heavy and dark – there were storms passing to the north and south of the city, but nothing landed here until after 11 pm. I was practicing a new piece on my guitar, when suddenly the rain came pouring down. I got up to shut the door and windows that were … Continue reading Shifting