Heart’s Desire

I did a tarot reading earlier today, it was good to see that after four days of intense vertigo I was able to pull some coherence of mind and intuition. We started out with a simple layout, moved on to adding more cards as the question become more clear, and circled back again to the original cards. As is often the case, the question isn’t always as important as the guidance.

What is your heart’s desire?

The Knight cannot leave on her quest to discover her heart’s desire unless she knows what that desire is. Otherwise, she wanders in the dry desert hoping for some inspiration. She cannot know the joy of success, wearing and bearing the victory wreath and enjoying the acclaim of others. She cannot rule her desires if she does not know them – they will rule her, pulling and tugging her in one direction to another without ever leaving that empty desert.

Our heart holds every possibility. I think of my inner heart as a palace with infinite rooms – it’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a map. While over the course of lifetimes, we will value our experiences in each room – it’s not possible in one lifetime So … which are the rooms that you want to visit in this lifetime?

Think of it as a treasure hunt (rather than a scavenger hunt). You are looking for the things in this lifetime that you truly value … and leaving behind what might have been true in some past.

Too often we try to use our mind to discover our heart – and that only leads to failure. Our mind is here to inform our heart, not to rule it. We are here to learn to trust our heart and let her lead our mind to seek out our desires.

The answer to discovering the heart’s desire is the High Priestess. She sits serene holding the wisdom of the ages in the scroll on her lap like a beloved child. Over her heart is a cross that was already ancient when the teacher Yeshua walked the earth that tells us of balance between male/female, light/dark, inner/outer. She is crowned with the phases of the moon and a sickle moon rests at her feet; the moon representing being in touch with our feelings – physical, emotional, intuitive. Again, we don’t let our emotions lead us anymore than our desires or our thoughts. They are all wise councilors to our heart. We listen to what they bring us and then allow our heart – our Soul decide.

The High Priestess sits before the veil that hides the immensity of the ocean of intuition. Her gown dissolves into the waters that run into that ocean. She is our guide to deeper knowledge, deeper wisdom. If we truly want the answer to our question: What is my heart’s desire? then we must go to her for guidance.

With her guidance, the Knight finds her way across the desert to victory and becomes the Queen of her own life. It seems worthwhile to me. What about you?

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