Weekly Guidance: Sept 15

Guidance for the Week of September 15 through September 21

The Druid Craft Tarot

I loved the Arthurian tales as a youngster and I read (and re-read) all the stories I could find, whether I understood them or not. There was something that thrilled inside of me, something that I recognized.

Growing up in the 1960s just outside of New York City, the children identified ourselves through our heritage. The Irish here and the Italians there and the Jews over here. We mixed and mingled … and … we knew who our ancestors were and our history.

At least, it seemed that way to me, a child of an Irish-Italian father and a Jewish Hungarian- Russian mother. I didn’t have a heritage and so didn’t understand where I belonged. I only knew what called to me, what thrilled my heart. The celtic world was one of those thrills. I didn’t inhabit a world but the spaces and boundaries between them all.

This week is filled with the energy of Wands – action, creativity, and movement. You may find yourself filled with confidence and enthusiasm, going on unexpected adventures or taking unusual risks. The Ace of Wands initiates us into the element of Fire, whether it’s the outer fire of the sun or the inner fire of desire. Pay attention to what lights you up this week, and follow that guidance. Be aware of the potential for struggle that we see in the Five of Wands. Here is a group of boys just on the edge of maturity – they revel in their strength and skills and in the pursuit of victory. This week the struggle may be in the outer world with the people in your daily life or it may be in the inner world of your mind, heart, and spirit.

When we have two cards of the same suit, we can gain additional insight by looking at the card they add up to, in this case, the Six of Wands.

Take a look at this card and see what it is you notice first. The colors of sunset in the western skies The puddled water on the path The gray horse or the unhooded falcon? The leader, the followers, or the bounty they carry home from the hunt? Traditionally, this is the card of Victory; but it can be a trickster card as well – who/what is the winner and who/what is the loser in the struggle we saw in the Five of Wands? These are all questions to consider as you move through the upcoming week. It’s often the invisible card that holds the key.

Finally, we come to the Two of Cups. A couple, neither young nor old, stand together, share their cups, and make their pledges to one another. The witnesses are the land, the stones/bones of the earth, and the the morning sky above them. Perhaps this is a joining or perhaps it is a farewell. Only you can know for your own life this week.

Cups are our emotions and our spiritual selves, when the come into a reading we are asked to look at our emotions and our relationships. As always, we must look at the relationship with ourselves before we look at our relationships with others. What pledge can you make to yourself this week? What nourishment can you offer yourself?

Perhaps you could go outside in the early morning with a cup of water. Take a sip for yourself, then raise it to the sky, offer it to the earth, and ask them to witness the pledge you would like to make.

One of my favorite activities with the cards is to use them as the basis of a self-guided visualization. Study the card carefully and notice everything, you can even write down all that you see. Then close your eyes, breathe yourself into the quiet, and then place yourself into the card in your imagination. You might want to become on of the elements in the card … a person, an animal, a stone … or you might want to remain yourself and walk into the card. Imagine yourself walking around, exploring the area, talking with the other beings your encounter. You can gain some beautiful insights – about yourself and about the card.

Bright blessings until next time!

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