My favorite time of evening is when the trees are sillouettes and the western skies rise from the blushing reds and oranges to the cooler twilight blues. Here, at sunset, the winds calm into stillness and there is peace.

About a month ago, I was sitting out on the deck of our local cafe having dinner with a neighbor. Next to us was a young woman, Dayami, who was on the road – Miami to Las Vegas and now back to Miami. She had never been out on her own before, never been camping before, and this was a significant experience for her.

After dinner, she and I strolled through the community, talking about our different paths into spirituality until the evening turned to night. I invited Dayami to share in my usual evening walks as long as she was staying here.

The next evening I walked over to her cabin to see what she had discovered during her day trip to Albuquerque. What I didn’t expect was a small dog – a puppy really – with a too tight collar and a slender rope leash.

Sadie’s first day home

Dayami was weeping quietly as I came up to the cabin. “I found her at a truck stop on the way home from Albuquerque. She was following people looking for food. I was afraid she would go onto the highway and get hit by a car, so I put her in my car. I can’t bring her back to Miami with me, and I don’t want to give her to a shelter where she might be killed. I don’t know what to do!”

My neighbors said, “Emma, you should take her! She would be perfect for you!” I didn’t want to promise more than I was ready to give, so I said, “I’ll take her when you leave and will find if she has a chip and maybe wandered away from home. She won’t go to a shelter. If no one claims her, I’ll keep her.”

Dayami kept the puppy overnight and the next day, after I had puppy proofed my house, she came home. She had no chip, no one had posted anything on the local lost dogs sites. I had a new companion who is playful, friendly, mellow, and mischievous. She’s pretty perfect.

Sadie looking for a cool place to lie on a hot day.
Look! at those chickens! Will they play with me?!

She loves to dig holes and watch the free-range chickens who wander all over the community. Fortunately, the soil is essentially sand and I fill the holes up so she can dig them again. She is learning that chickens are not as playful as the other dogs in the neighborhood or even the cat.

Mostly she loves to lounge on the couch and take long naps after playing with all her toys.

Ah, safe, warm, loved

On the one hand, this is a sweet story about rescuing a stray dog. On the other hand, it’s a story about how what you desire can come to you with very little effort.

I’d been imagining having a dog here again, visualizing it lying on the carpet in the living room. I was wishing for a dog to go on long rambles with me. I had applied to adopt a dog but she went to someone with a big, fenced in yard. Oh well, not the right time, I thought.

On the night I met Dayami, I was talking with my neighbor about how much I was missing Shai. I had been thinking of him more and more often and missing his presence. I was ready and my intuition was telling me that I should not be looking for a dog, that it would come to me.

And so the next day, voila! Another neighbor says that Dayami was angel who stopped by to bring me Sadie. I don’t disagree that the flow of Spirit was moving through all of us, Dayami – Sadie – me – and who knows who else. As I said in my last post,

Sadie has, gently and playfully, nudged me out the door into the beauty of the landscape that I am in. She takes me on long rambling walks every morning and shows me everything that I might have missed. She takes me out again each evening to watch the changing light over the mesas, the pine and cedars, the clouds that cross over the western New Mexico skies. She wants to say “hello!!!” to every person, every dog, every cat, and all the chickens that range through the community. She is in love with the joy of being alive in this world and reminds me every day that I am too. 

So, I wonder – what is it that you could gently visualize and allow into your life? Something that reminds you of the joy of being alive in this world?

3 thoughts on “Sadie

  1. lhulla says:

    Thank you Emma it’s a gift to have you back!
    You remind us that vulnerability invites opportunity. Your story is a testament that what we choose to focus on is so important; what a beautiful message to Jump into the day. Appreciate you.

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    • Emma Deva says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I have been thinking about the old paradigm of needing to appear strong and unemotional. I was wondering what our history would’ve been like if people had been willing to be vulnerable and open instead. Something we can start to create now.

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