Cooling Breeze

It’s been quite a summer. For a long while, I haven’t had the words to write, to share, to offer.

Perhaps it was the heat that grabbed on and didn’t let go until yesterday’s cooling breezes. Perhaps it was the flocks of blue jays that descended on our little community and their raucous calls pushed away my voice.

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Perhaps it was grief at losing my companion, Shai. Perhaps it was not, yet, time to say anything. Perhaps better to sit in the silence until words have meaning again. Perhaps wait until the elk bugle in the cool night air and the coyotes raise their songs. Perhaps last night they made the space for my words to return.

There’s a pressure to write. If I stop writing … will I lose my readers? … will I be less relevant? … will I still have something to say? … will I find my way back to this place, this space? One thing I’ve learned during my silence is the ability to trust, to have faith that what I have to offer is valuable and those who need to take in my words will be here to listen – not to me, but to the echoes in their own hearts. Perhaps that is you.

If you’ve ever driven down (or up!) a mountain, you’ll have experienced the switchbacks that get you gradually, safely, from here to there. It’s not an easy, linear drive, is it?

In fact, it might seem quite confusing – switching from this direction and then that direction and then an entirely different direction, only to find your self finally settled down and moving toward your destination.

That’s been the story of my summer, in a nutshell. I thought I was headed in one direction, but I was not able to see the full journey laid out ahead of me. Maybe I still don’t! But, things are humming along more clearly, in a more stable and predictable way.

One new addition is my new companion, Sadie. I’ll tell you her story in the next few days but I’d like you to meet her now because she is part of the change.

Sadie has, gently and playfully, nudged me out the door into the beauty of the landscape that I am in. She takes me on long rambling walks every morning and shows me everything that I might have missed. She takes me out again each evening to watch the changing light over the mesas, the pine and cedars, the clouds that cross over the western New Mexico skies. She wants to say “hello!!!” to every person, every dog, every cat, and all the chickens that range through the community.

She is in love with the joy of being alive in this world and reminds me every day that I am too. I offer you our blessings, Sadie and me. I will be back again.