from my archives ~ 11/3/2007 Yesterday I picked up the new Mary Oliver poetry collection - she calls it "Thirst". The poems are darker and more filled with struggle than any of her previous books. The book is her response to losing her life partner, as well as her attempts to integrate her deep love … Continue reading Thirst

Heart’s Desire

I did a tarot reading earlier today, it was good to see that after four days of intense vertigo I was able to pull some coherence of mind and intuition. We started out with a simple layout, moved on to adding more cards as the question become more clear, and circled back again to the … Continue reading Heart’s Desire


The word prediction comes from the same root as predicament, which is nearly always something unpleasant; prophecy, however, implies collaboration with the divine in order to co-create the most interesting, ingenious, and loving world possible. Our work together is thus a prophet-sharing venture.* ~ Caroline Casey ~ I had a question from a reader about … Continue reading Predict?


A few years ago I was scrolling through Twitter, my favorite avoidance technique on the planet, when I saw a thread that turned into a conversation about ADHD. The person I was reading was describing circumstances that were so challenging that my heart went out to him. And then, as I continued to read, my … Continue reading NeuroDiverse


My favorite time of evening is when the trees are sillouettes and the western skies rise from the blushing reds and oranges to the cooler twilight blues. Here, at sunset, the winds calm into stillness and there is peace. About a month ago, I was sitting out on the deck of our local cafe having … Continue reading Sadie