Eternal Breath

Breathing out … I release
Breathing in … I accept
Within the pause … I allow …

Breath is
the beginning
the center
the resting place
the warning signal
the gasp of joy
the huff of fear
the balance point

Following the breath
to my center
I rest;
holding myself
in the stillness
offering my hand
inviting the essence
to flow, as light, within me

Turning to the east
I raise my arms in welcome
Turning to the south
I bow to necessity
Turning to the west
I bend to the flow
Turning to the north
I return home

What is this place of
light and love
heat and flow
stone and earth

The ancestors rise within
they call my name
that I have never heard before;
I reply with
the dawn chorus of bluebird and thrush
the chitter of cicadas
the moan of the plesiosaur
66 million years gone

I am here.
I stand in their place.
I reach into a past,
stretch into a future
while remaining firmly
planted, rooted, held
in the vortex of red rocks
blue skies and the circle
of the hawk
who spins slowly
into eternity.

Emma MacKenzie
June 2019