Shabbos Oracle – Rising

Did you know that the Sabbath celebrated by the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) each have their own day of Sabbath?

We’re most familiar, in the U.S., with the Christian Sabbath that is observed on Sunday. Even when I was growing up, in the 60s and 70s, almost all commerce shut down on Sunday – no stores were open; the blue laws that began when the Puritans began to settle the east coast of the U.S. lingered for quite some time and everyone was affected.

In the Jewish religion, holy days begin at sundown, not sunrise. The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday night and ends on Saturday after sighting three stars in the sky and the Havdalah prayer.

In Islam, the Sabbath is a little less well defined, but is celebrated with the Jumu’ah – the special noon prayer on Fridays.

Other religions and spiritual practices have their own day of rest and/or celebration of the Divine according to solar or lunar or other calendars.

Yesterday, I had planned to write my usual Friday night Shabbos Oracle … but … I was much too tired. Living in a remote, rural area has many blessings for people like me who appreciate the quiet that is broken more often by crickets and wind in the cedars than by human interventions. One of the drawbacks is the requirement to travel long distances for major errands like – having my hair shaped, picking up prescriptions, or doing laundry.

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I don’t mind – I love the drive through the high desert with endless vistas of beauty that is, again, rarely interrupted by human settlements. And, three hours of driving and three hours of errands, on a dry hot (90s) day when the wind is whipping enough sand and dust to fade the city into something barely seen … well … it’s a lot.

So, I took a Sabbath rest without sharing it with you.

The word shabat from the Old Testament means, to rest. It’s a time to step out of the day to day activities that busy our bodies and minds and to step into a different kind of timescape. One where we are not ruled by outer obligations but inner obligations. To remember who we are, to remember our soul and ourselves as expressions of the Divine.

We might take a weeklong Sabbath at a meditation or contemplation retreat, we might take a 20 minute sabbath in a warm bath, or anything else that suits our lives in that moment. But … taking the Sabbath time, however you might choose to name it, is necessary to the human relationship to our soul. And you, my friend, are a soul.

Today, I asked for guidance through the cards on where to focus our attention during a Sabbath.

Flying Into Spring ~ Triple Goddess Deck ~ Illustrated by Mara Friedman ~ written by Isha Lerner

Flying Into Spring is this deck’s version of the Fool Card – 0 – which is both everything and nothing. Inside the circle is everything and outside the boundary is nothing. So, the first piece of guidance is to decide on your boundaries – what stays in and what stays out during your Sabbath? Books? Movies? Social Media? Phone? People? Food? Drink? What do you choose to include and exclude during that sacred time?

The energy of the Fool is the energy of taking a risk – of allowing yourself to rise up into realms and dimensions that you don’t usually allow during your day-to-day life. Are you willing to take that risk? To allow prayer, meditation, dance, song to life your Spirit into the numinous?

While we in the northern hemisphere have just flown into the season of summer, while in the southern hemisphere it is newly winter. And yet, there are always inner seasons that don’t align with the outer ones. Take a moment to remember when your soul flew into an inner spring of possibility, of rising energy, of emerging beauty and color and life.

Feel your way into that memory and now expand it so that flying into spring is the energy that surrounds you. Breathe it in. Soak in it. Enjoy each moment of it. How does that empower your Sabbath and re-align you with who you really are? Divine essence expressing through this previous body and precious life.

Bright Sabbath Blessings, my friend, now matter how, where, when, or why you enter into your sacred time.

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