Journey to the Past

I invite you to take a journey with me into our shared past. Imagine a village, many many thousands of years ago. The people lived in a simple harmony with the land, the other creatures, and themselves. They were well nourished in body, mind, heart, and soul. The women tended the gardens as they learned about the abundance of Gaia, the men gave their strength and support to the women who designed the systems needed for their village to flourish. The children were not many and each was beloved of the entire community. Imagine joy, harmony, contentment – voices raised in song and in laughter.

This is your past. This is our past.

Modern EcoVillage – Findhorn, Scotland

What happened?

I don’t believe that humans are innately aggressive, unkind, warlike, violent, greedy. I believe we were waylaid, tricked off our path the way that Bilbo and the Dwarves were tricked off the path to be captured by the spiders in Mirkwood. And, I believe that all the Lightworkers around the earth who are doing their own version of energy healing, not simply for individuals, but for humanity as a whole are leading us back to the path. Right now.

“It doesn’t look that way to me”, you might say. And if you’re only looking at the outer manifestation of humanity, you are absolutely right. It’s important to acknowledge the truth of the horrors and suffering that is also happening. Right now.

We cannot spiritually bypass the material realm and pretend that … by isolating ourselves in meditation and contemplation … by refusing to witness and speak out about the pain inflicted by humans toward humans and other beings … that it isn’t there. It is. And we are part of the interconnected web of life that is both inflicting and experiencing the pain.

So, if it doesn’t look like the work we’re doing is making a difference, it’s because you’re focusing only on what the Light is shining on. Yes, you need to look. Then you need to turn to see the Light as well. You need to see that this is a moment of revealing what’s been growing in the darkness.

I want to offer you a tool. When you see something, hear of something, experience something that you know is not right, call on your team of companions in Spirit and say, “this is not acceptable in my world.” As humans, we have the authority and the power to call on our teams in Spirit to identify and remove the energy imprints of those things that are not right.

I’m not talking and philosophical differences or someone who pissed you off in the grocery line. I’m talking about that gut feeling that this experience, that person, this policy, that action is just. not. right. You know. In your gut.

Once you point it out, your teams in Spirit know what to do. They’re the hazmat clean-up crew who come in and deal with that destructive energy.

The healing work that I do includes a particular form of journeying taught by Sharon Riegie Maynard. For individuals, I journey into the past to discover when the seeds of negativity were planted. Perhaps this lifetime, perhaps previous lifetimes, perhaps in your lineage. I travel with my Spirit Guides to discover when and where the seeds were planted and weed it out. The team of healers in Spirit are then able to work with your energy field to clear it of negative imprints.

Of course, that’s the beginning and there’s work for you to do as well.

But working with individuals is only part of the work that I do. I also journey back into the past of humanity to discover the sources of the problems we face today. The beginning of this post is where I started in a journey I did earlier this evening. Next time, I’ll share the rest of the journey with you .

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