The Gift

I’ll be resuming the blog tomorrow, now that I’m adjusting to my life without Shai.

I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote in his honor as the gift that he was for me.

He was my heart, you know
not too large, not too small
soft ~ open to love
fierce ~ a staunch protector

He’s walked on, ahead
the vessel that contained his soul
cracked, opened
and his life spilled out

His sweet body rests
embraced by the desert earth
shaded by the lone pine
evening primrose covers his now quiet heart

You were safe with me
he tells me now
I held you as you healed
as you grew in strength and wisdom

Now the vessel that contained us both
is shattered, he says,
pick up the pieces, my dear
and create anew

Emma MacKenzie ~ 6/1/2019

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