Guidance ~ Week of May 26 to June 1 ~

Creativity ~ watch the sliver of inspiration wax to the fullness of creation


I am the Moon, the Mother of Earth
Creator of all life
In the coolness of night
By the Moon’s brilliant light
Make generous love
Be pregnant with inspiration
Give birth to passion
Nurture your creation
Lisa de St Croix

Mawu ~ Dahomey Deity of Creation

To create is to form something out of nothing. Who does that? Well, we all do. Every morning we wake to a new day that is ripe with possibility, nothing exists yet until we allow it to be so.

But … commitments! responsibilities!

Yes, they are also as real as you allow them to be. You could choose otherwise. As unlikely as it seems, you could choose not to go to work today – or ever. You could choose to stop paying bills today – or ever. You could choose to walk away from whatever might be in front of you – family, friends, children, parents, work, school – you could and you choose otherwise. You choose your commitments. You choose your responsibilities. Even when they feel forced upon you. You still choose.

You may choose because it’s what you want, or because you’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t, or your other choices seem to be worse, or better choices feel too frightening.

Being willing to accept it all as choice – makes a difference. It’s a step closer to feeling empowered. Try this:

“Even though I feel the burden of [insert your favorite complaint] I choose to do this because [insert something awesome].”

I wrote a few days ago that I have to carry my 30 lb dog down and up the stairs every time he needs to (or wants to!) go out. Some days he’s awfully heavy, some days he’s not very cooperative, some days I don’t want to go out. But … I choose to carry my Shai down and up the stairs because of all the joy he brings me. It’s still a pain in the you-know-what some days – but I give him an extra hug and kiss him on the top of the head and I’ve created a better experience for myself … and for him as well.

As you choose – you create. You wake in the morning and you choose – either deliberately or by default – your mood. If you’re happy, you might sing or hum as you go about your morning rituals. If you’re grumpy, you might snarl and snap at whoever is in your way, even if it’s the dog. From the first moments, you create your day.

You know that if you choose to snarl and snap, which exacerbates the grumpiness, you could also choose to sing and hum, which creates a sense of happiness, even joy.

But … awful things! Yes, awful things, frustrating things, infuriating things all happen. We can’t control what happens outside of ourselves most days. We can shape what happens inside. We can create it. Out of nothing other than a song and a smile.

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