Do Be Do Be Do

To be honest, the only quote we know for sure is true is Sinatra’s …

I read the news. Every day. I didn’t always – I went through a period of ten years or so when I simply didn’t care. I was in a “cave in Tibet” mindset. Then, I didn’t want to know, I was so disgusted. And that was quite a while ago. Now, I read the news.

I see a lot of advice, instructions, orders on what we should DO in order to save democracy, save the children, save the whales, save the world … and all this saving requires the we DO something. Whatever that might be.

Today, I saw a short video from David Attenborough who acknowledges the perilous times we are in, the environmental dangers, and then went on to talk about all the things we still can DO.

I realized I was waiting for him to say something particular as he went through the list. And I was still waiting at the end. The one thing he never addressed was our thought systems.

It’s really the only thing that we can DO that will make a difference in the long run. We can talk about solar power and population and carbon sequestration … but … unless we change our thinking, our habits will return to whatever is most convenient which is generally, also, the most destructive.

So, I’ve been considering this all day. What thought patterns in me need to change? Yes, to make a difference on a global scale. And yes, to make a difference on the local scale. And more yes, to make a difference on the personal scale. Because – if I’m not changing my thought patterns about my personal life, then none of the others will matter.

Same for you.

How have you changed your though patterns? What still needs to change so that both you and the planet can flourish?

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