Shabbos Oracle

Whether you are male or female, this card is a fervent call to the realization of your own unique destiny as well as to the future evolution of humanity. Just as nature aspires to perfect itself for the ultimate benefit of All, so too, humanity seeks perfection as its most sublime offering and final destination.

The time has come for you to truly embrace the … sacred, feminine center which brings the beauty of perfection to all actions, deeds, and creations.

Seek resolution; let the Old World die away; listen to the new voice emerging within your mind and heart. There can be no more lies, curses, or harmful conduct. Heeding the call of the Millennial Oracle, the New World Woman now at last reemerges from the sleeping womb of the last five thousand years. You awaken with Her – alive, vibrant, and renewed. Speak and affirm the Supreme perfection that you are. ~ Isha Lerner, Power of Flower

The deeper I go into my spiritual practices, the more synchronicity I see for both my personal path and my healing work. All the work I do is healing work, bringing together body, heart, mind, and spirit in whatever ways are most beneficial in the moment. And yes, oracle/tarot readings are healing modalities.

One of the themes of this moment in time is the return of the power of the feminine. This is not domination of males by females in some kind of unpleasant reversal. No. This is a moment of women re-claiming their sovereignty over their bodies, their minds, their emotions, and their spiritual connection with Source.

As we claim and re-claim our Selves, we see push back. We see it from the people in our lives who have bought into masculine patterns of domination and control. We see it from our governments, our educational systems, our policing systems, our financial systems. Push … back.

While many individuals may believe they want to go back to the good old days when women knew their place, and like children, were to be seen and not heard. To appear in the kitchen and the bedroom. To be enslaved and dependent. To pretend this was okey-dokey, hunky dory, fine. It wasn’t. It’s not.

The systems that can often be summed up as patriarchal see themselves as predators and women, children, and lower ranked males as prey. No more.

The systems believe in power and powerless with no other option. No more.

My last home in western New York, before I moved west last autumn, had morning glories planted in front of the porch. As soon as they began to grow, they began to cover everything … porch, railing, other plants, even one of my neighbor’s cars that was left over a weekend. They grew, they grew abundantly, and they grew fast.

The morning glories took their power from the earth and spread. They are a glorious model for women and men who want to take back our power of connection, of integrity, of authenticity. We grow. We don’t let anything hold us back. We join with others, and we grow.

This is our message for the Sabbath as we light candles, contemplate, and connect with Spirit. Bright blessings!