We often hear, in spiritual circles, that we are inherently worthy – that we do not have to do anything to prove ourselves, our simple existence is proof of worthiness.

We may have a sense, an intuition, of what worthy really means – and what it might feel like – but many of us don’t have much clarity on it.

This evening, as I prepared for our reading, I wondered what might be helpful to my readers and the inner knowing was – do a reading on what it means to be worthy. So here we are.

Eight of Cups

The first message is – worthiness is an inner, emotional state – not an outer performative state. Again, there is nothing to do here, all that is left is to follow the emerging path under the light of the moon – the mother of emotion.

The first question to ask yourself is, how do I feel about myself? And to hone in a little more, look at the different aspects of your life – we have eight of them here to choose from. You can imagine picking up each cup, determining what is actually there, and seeing how you feel about it. You can pick any eight categories of life – here are some suggestions:

  • Beliefs & Thoughts
  • Community
  • Ego
  • Finances
  • Livelihood
  • Physical Body
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual

In each of these categories, do you feel that you are deserving (worthy) of respect? Be aware of how harsh you are, how lenient you are, in your judgement of yourself. When I was raising my young daughter as a single mother, I came across an article that talked about the good-enough mother. What a relief it was to acknowledge it was okay to be good enough in a era that was promoting the superwoman. I could be good enough – so can you. Good enough is often enough.

The second message is that the discovery of your worthiness is often a journey, and always one that you must take by yourself. As long as you are looking for validation from others in your life for your worthiness … it doesn’t actually exist. It must come from within.

How far are you willing to go to discover your inherent worthiness? How slowly are you willing to go so that you have the actual experience of it rather than just the performance of it – when you take off the mask at the end of the day, do you feel more worthy than yesterday? What needs to shift inside of you to make that happen?

The third message is shown in the relationship between the earth and the water, between physical embodiment and emotional awareness. We have the rocks rising out of the waters; we see the traveler finding solid ground to walk upon. As you begin to understand, accept, and feel your emotional worthiness, you will also begin to embody it. You will carry yourself differently, move differently – with confidence born of deep understanding.

Give yourself the gift of discovering your worthiness – it will be worth it in the end (groan, bad pun!).

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Bright Blessings!

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