In my cauldron, I brew transformation, I am the shape-shifter, the sorceress that brings change into your life. I am the wise one, blending science and magic, drink from my cauldron of poetry and prophecy, wisdom and knowledge, inspiration and creativity. ~Lisa de St Croix

Ceridwen: Welsh Deity ~ Her name means Sacred Song

Transformation: transform old habit, begin anew with inspired action.

When we think about transformation, too often we’re still thinking about change – a new pair of socks, a new hairstyle, a new home or mate. Those are all surface experiences and for the most part there is no true inner shift that happens.

Another word for transformation is metamorphosis. From one thing, something entirely new emerges. The butterfly is a common symbol – fragile and graceful beauty that emerges from the ungainly caterpillar.

We transform over and over again throughout our lives. The adult that you are now slowly emerged, one metamorphosis after another, from the infant that was born of your mother’s body. You might write yourself a cohesive storyline that traces your life, step by step, but the truth is – you could write something quite different with each of the ‘facts’ that you present. Try it sometime.

The guidance for this week from Ceridwen is to transform. Don’t let yourself settle for changing your socks – allow all of you to sink into her cauldron, and like the caterpillar in the cocoon, dissolve.

Let it all go – who you think you are and who you think you could become – let it go and wait, with bated breath, to see what actually emerges.

“I don’t know how” you might say. That’s okay. Ask your Spirit for guidance. Every time you run up against a situation where you have the choice to be who you were … or to become something entirely new … ask for guidance on how to dissolve.

This is not supposed to be a difficult or challenging process. Think about sinking into a sweet, warm, bath – not too hot, not too cold – something absolutely perfect where you can relax your body, your mind, your heart. Dissolve.

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