Some days are full of fabulous conversations, the ones that are a little challenging, that offer me the opportunity to consider, integrate, and grow. Whether it’s friends, clients, or my new doctor – everyone has contributed to new insights … and to opening the path to following my north Star.

During one conversation, my client was worrying about being judgmental. We often hear that we shouldn’t judge other people – but – since we are wired to judge, to automatically discern between good/bad, dangerous/safe, pleasure/pain, the better choice is to be aware of how we judge.

Kintsugi pottery uses gold to repair cracks and broken pieces

Some people judge in order to find the weaknesses in another and use that information to weaken the other person even more. We’ve all experienced this in both personal and professional settings … and we’ve been on both sides of the judgement.

Other people judge to find the weaknesses in another and use that information to teach the other how to strengthen themselves around any cracked or broken pieces. This experience is more rare and the best kind of judgement.

After yesterday’s reading, I’ve been thinking about how we can recognize our north Star so that we are guided along the way to the next, best choice and action. The conversations today helped me to begin to shape the answer, and then today’s reading made it even more clear for me.

Again, we’ll start in the center with Justice. She sits firmly on her throne, balanced, holding her sword of discernment in one hand and her scales in the other. She is not blind – she considers both the evidence and the context, she realizes that true justice is a case-by-case situation where she considers guidelines but is not bound by the rules (look up the 8 of swords to see a rule-bound person)

The Justice card is a modern version of the Egyptian deity Maat who measures your heart on her scales against an ostrich feather. Is your heart too heavy? Too light? Or just right?

A heavy heart is shown in the Four of Pentacles. Grasping on to the pentacle to cover his heart and belly in protection, weighed down by the pentacle over his crown, and unable to move because he fears the loss of the pentacles under his feet. What are pentacles? Stuff … money … the physical world and the physical work we do in that world.

If you want to discover your north Star – what do you have to let go of that you’ve been grasping too tightly? What are you protecting your heart from – and is it still a danger to you? What is weighing you down and stopping you from stepping fully and lightly into your life?

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If we look to the other side of Justice, we see the Two of Cups as the model for a light heart. That heart is open, willing to share, willing to be emotionally (cups) vulnerable with themselves and the others in our lives who we feel safe with. We don’t rush blindly, willynilly into trust – we take a step at a time and use our discernment … our judgement.

What do you love? I’m not (in this case) talking about what you lust after, but about a light feeling that says, “yes, this way, follow me toward your joy.” Take time throughout your day to look around, to to close your eyes and listen, and ask yourself, “in this moment, what does my heart open to in joy?” It might be the smallest thing. Simply appreciate it. This will help you to recognize when you are on (or off) course.

Bright Blessings!