Some Housekeeping

How many of us have been in a class or a meeting or seminar where the presenter stands up to say … a few words about housekeeping. Ugh … boring.

I’ve been working on getting my metaphorical feet back under me and recovering from some physical setbacks. Last night, while ignoring the little voice that suggested that I turn the light on before I wandered around the house, I had to work on getting my actual feet back under me after tripping over the dog bed. One day at a time is the name of the game right now.

One of my ‘housekeeping’ projects has been to set up a Patreon account. I was inspired by one of my teacher/colleagues who recently set up her own and by some recent FB posts about the obscenely high prices charged by certain wellness centers around the country that seem more like wealthness centers.

I want to do the work I’m called to do – to offer energy medicine, spiritual counseling, practical tools based on ancient spiritual systems that we can integrate into our daily lives. I want to continue to expand my writing, to create books, classes, meditations, and more. I love this work. I love my clients. I love witnessing the strength that comes from their new understanding and insight.

If I were independently wealthy, I would do it all for free. I’m not. I’m also not the person who feel comfortable within my personal system of integrity to charge high fees for this work. I know I could. I also know there have been many times when I would have benefited from this kind of work but was barred because I simply couldn’t afford it at that time.

What to do?!

One of my mottos is: Enough is as good as a feast. I’m not motivated by oodles of money, by bling, by fancy cars and McMansions. I simply want enough to do the work I love and to live simply and comfortably.

Another motto is: If you have more than you need build a bigger table – not a higher fence. I want a bigger table to share the feast. And I can’t do that if I’m always scrambling. I’m sure you understand.

My solution

Patreon is a relatively new system of online patronage for creators of a wide variety. You can pledge anywhere from $1/month to more than $100/month depending on the tiers set up by the creator. You can support writers, musicians, visual artists, podcasters, and more. Each creator offers different kinds of benefits to their patrons.

I set up my Patreon account today. At this moment I’m offering four tiers with a variety of benefits as a thank you to those of you who choose to support my work. I’m particularly excited about the goals I’ve set to begin creating audios or videos of meditations and affirmations, hiring a writing coach to help me put together a series of books, and creating and teaching workshops around the western U.S.

I encourage you to consider supporting my work. I also encourage you to look for opportunities, like Patreon, for your own work – whatever it may be. The more of us who turn our backs on the current corrupt and disproportionate financial system the more likely we are to find our way, together, to a future where we can all flourish. That’s my sincere hope!