I can feel changes in the making; I’m not sure what direction they’re coming from … or will go … but I can feel the subtle shifts of energy, folding and refolding into something new.

Whenever changes are on the way, so are choices. Will we allow the change? Push and pull at it until we reshape it ourselves? Or will we duck as it passes by and we live as if nothing has happened (it has).

These cards give us a template to use for the choice offered to us in the Four of Cups. Leaning back against the tree, arms crossed to mimic crossed legs, this person gazes at the three cups in front of them. But, from stage left, the hand of the divine floats in to offer something unexpected.

As long as we are observers, we can’t see what’s inside the cups. The three cups in front of us, we created out of our dreams, beliefs, and desires. Their shapes may change but the essence will not.

The unexpected choice; however, that one requires we get up off our comfortable tuffet and look inside. We may not understand the essence of what is being offered to us right away – but we can always trust our intuition to tell us yes or no, to tell us whether or not we are ready to accept this unexpected gift.

We can’t wait too long, if we don’t reach out and take it – with both hands – it will continue to float on by and exit stage right. The opportunity will arise again, in a new form, at another time if we let it go, but not right away. And maybe not in a way we recognize as the same essence.

Helpful hint: when laying out cards for making a choice, don’t turn them over until you’ve decided that the card on the left will be choice A and the card on the right will be choice B. (you can still do that in this reading, just ask your intuition which side is which.)

I don’t know what choice you are facing right now, so you’ll have to determine that. I do know the choice that is coming into view and I also know that when I choose the limited options I’ve created, life is a little more challenging than I prefer. I also know that given a choice between the same-old-same-old and something new, I’ll jump for the new. I already know that when that cup floats in close enough, I’m grabbing it with both hands to see where it takes me.

The Star tells us that if we make choice A, it can only lead to a place/space of peace and plenty, of light and safety. It might be an inner space or an outer space – and we already know that the inner and outer support one another.

The Seven of Swords tell us that if we make choice B, it will end up in betrayal because we have refused to look clearly and honestly at the situation. This card often indicates a betrayal of self, because our thoughts were conflicted and we did not take the time or space to become clear about the truth of the situation.

I know that I’m choosing to move forward by following my own north Star. Even though I don’t – yet – know what’s actually in the cup that is about to be offered to me by Spirit, I do know that I am already aligned with the direction.

However, if choice B is important to you, and if you do the work of creating clarity and letting go of internal conflict (which often leads to outer conflict), that choice can also work out for you. Trust yourself to know your values – or spend some time figuring them out.

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