Chasing the Pain

I first learned about EFT (emotional freedom technique or tapping) back in 2005. The man I was involved with at the time swore by it’s effectiveness although I never witnessed it helping him one bit.

Still, I was curious, and wanted to know more. I studied through Gary Craig, the founder of this method of acupressure, and then was certified through Dr Patricia Carrington. It is an incredibly effective tool, and like all tools, doesn’t work for every person in every situation. You need more than a hammer and a tape measure to build a house, even a bird house.

Even fish use tools!

One of the things that intrigued me while I was learning was chasing the pain. If you’ve ever experienced any of the autoimmune challenges like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, you’ll recognize what I’m talking about. The pain isn’t the same as a broken arm where it remains in one place. And it’s not that it radiates out from a central place. For some of us, the pain moves from place to place. It’s one of the reasons the medical field was so unwilling to consider the pain to be ‘real’.

In an EFT session, you’re likely to have to chase the pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. You might start out feeling pain in your sinuses and when you deal with that issue, the pain shifts to a new location – perhaps tension in the shoulders. The practitioner chases the pain until it is completely gone in that session.

You also might start out dealing with grief, that shifts to anger, or to fear. Again, we chase the pain until it’s resolved and the client comes to a sense of peace.

The past few weeks, I’ve been chasing the pain. It’s shifted from one illness (flu) to another (digestive distress) to another (trouble breathing in the altitude). Each time I resolve the presenting issue, something new presents itself.

I know from experience that when I shift from one challenge to the next in quick succession that something it up. Not just something physical but something in my energy field. Something I need to discover and resolve. If you’re not paying close enough attention to the subtle signals that Spirit sends your way, eventually you’ll get slapped upside the head.

I’m not quite at that stage … but I’m closing in on it. I’m experiencing full body, always shifting pain and exhaustion. I’m experiencing a muscle pull in my back and shoulder. All these are part of my old story. Maybe they’re revisiting before they lift up and out – but I’m not leaving that to chance.

Instead, I’m listening. I’m not falling into fear of “what if …”. Instead, I’m listening. I’m not playing the blame game toward myself or others. Instead, I’m listening. I’m breathing and slowing down, and I’m listening.

The beauty of the lotus has it’s roots in the mud and muck.

Are you chasing your own pain? Try slowing down. Sitting down in the quiet and listening. Let your pain come to you and share it’s troubles. Be kind. Trust. Allow it to teach you.

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