Impostor Syndrome

While I recover for a few more days, I want to offer you some posts from other people who are also teachers of practical spirituality.

This post from Reiki Rays is a great discussion about Impostor Syndrome — feeling like you’re a fake, that you aren’t good enough, don’t know enough … you know the drill. And it’s not just for Reiki Masters, or Reiki practitioners – it’s true for accountants and engineers, lawyers and truck drivers.

We can get over it. We can allow ourselves to feel that we are competent, caring, and skilled. Check out what Ruth Renate Davidson has to say below:

Am I Really a Reiki Master? ~ Reiki Rays

Article by Ruth Renate “Lady of Radiant Joy” Davidson When I gazed at my Reiki Master/Teacher certificate (after receiving it on March 4, 2016) I thought to myself, “Am I really a Reiki Master? Am I really qualified to teach?” I didn’t feel like a Master, not anything like the “Avatar, Master of all four…

Am I Really a Reiki Master? — Reiki Rays

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