There is a wonderful quote in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars: Enough is as Good as a Feast. But, what do we do when there isn’t enough? Enough food … enough money … enough breath?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been falling asleep during the day more and more often – so often that it seems that I’m asleep more than awake. I looked for things to blame – for things to blame about me. I wasn’t drinking enough water … eating the right foods … getting enough exercise. Looking outside of me for the answers.

Today, as I woke from my second nap, in that half dream state, I asked my guides, “what’s up with this? I don’t want to live my life mostly asleep!” and, as I usually do, I received an answer. Not enough oxygen.

I have red blood cells that have a funny shape so I don’t process oxygen as well as others can. I am always anemic and iron supplements don’t work. I started with a detriment and then I moved to a place about 7,200 ft above sea level. There’s less oxygen in the air here. For me, it’s not enough.

In the past, my response would be to immediately move into worry. What should I do?! I don’t want to move again!! Oh woe is me!!! But, not this time. Instead, I reached out on social media to ask the amazing wide variety of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for their recommendations. Because I have enough resources to help me figure out next steps.

XiXi Hu (pronounced: she she who) was the first response and I know it is the perfect next step for me. A Qigong practice meaning In-In Out using breath and walking. I’ve been practicing Qigong on and off for just about ten years now and this was the perfect opportunity to bring me back to a regular practice.

My guides told me the problem (not enough) and then led me to a solution to return to enough. Prosperity (our topic for the week) isn’t just about money or stuff – it’s also about the most basic requirements we have like breathing.

In case this is a useful practice for anyone else, here is a guide to Qigong walking, and below is a video on the XiXi Hu practice.