Affirmative Prayer ~ Part 3

One of the misconceptions about prayer – and affirmations – is that if you say it or write it or sing it often enough, it will be enough. I suppose that if you are willing to do your prayers or affirmations 3,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 times each day for 7 or 14 or 21 days, it might be enough. The constant repetition will eventually carve new pathways in your consciousness, but honestly who has time for that … and who wants to spend their precious time on that!?

Affirmative prayer is not about repetition, it’s about getting to the essence of the feeling that you want to grow in your life. It’s about knowing – without a doubt the same way you know the sun will rise in the morning – you are not apart from the Divine – you are an essential part of the Divine.

The first week we went over prayers of entreaty, bargaining, and gratitude; the concept of false separation, and a brief introduction to affirmative prayer. The second week we began the five step process with Recognition – knowing Source, Essence, God – whatever you feel most comfortable calling the unnameable – and knowing that it IS.

In the Bible, which has many wonderful teaching stories, Moses encounters Yahweh as a burning bush and Yaweh says: I Am that I Am.


This week, we’ll move on to the the step of Unification. We’ve begun to believe the possibility that we are not separate from Source, we’ve started to recognize the Essence of Life and to gain clarity on what that means for us in our lives, now. As we move through life, gain experience, gain wisdom – our definitions of and relationship with God will change.

Unification is the step in affirmative prayer where many of us are deeply challenged. I know I was.

Step 1 is “God Is” and while we may struggle with old beliefs about what God Is, if you are reading this, there is some calling within you to redefine that belief and step back into a more deliberate relationship.

Step 2 is “I Am God.” After recognizing the actuality of Spirit we begin to recognize the actuality of the Oneness of Spirit. Now is a good time to stop and consider – how does this feel to you? Do you feel heartened and hopeful? Do you feel frightened or repulsed? Do you feel curiosity or as if you’ve violated something?

Some might say, I Am God. Some might say, my father and I are One. Some might say, the Essence of Life moves in, as, and through me. Find a statement that feel comfortable to you and contemplate that statement. What does it mean to you? Does it mean something different on different days? What are the thoughts, images, or feelings that move through you as you contemplate this second step of Unification. What would your life be like if you truly believed that you are the Essence of Life?

Prayer: Steps 1 and 2

I know there is only One. One Consciousness aware of all creation. One Mind that thinks though all beings. One Heart that holds all in compassion. One Power that speaks the word of creation. I know that the Essence is the One and only reality.

Knowing the One Spirit, I also know myself as Divine; I recognize the Essence of Life moving in, as, and through me.

And so it is.

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