Shabbos Oracle: High Priestess

Night is falling, candles have been lit; the peace of the Sabbath descends upon my home. May the peace of Shabbos fill you and yours as well.  On this night of the full moon apex, it’s appropriate to have the High Priestess as our guide.

O, swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable ~ William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

I have gleaned so much wisdom, humor, even joy from Shakespeare but in this case, we disagree; the moon is as constant as can be. She moves through the same cycles, time and again, dark to crescent to half to full then reverses the cycle as she moves back into the dark. We can trust her to be exactly who she is as she reveals and hides and reveals again.

The High Priestess is crowned in the phases of the moon, and a crescent moon sits at her feet. She has studied and has been initiated into the Mysteries. When you need to see beyond the veil of the every day, mundane world, in order to receive deeper understanding … perhaps your own initiation … you go to sit at her feet and perhaps she will lead you past the veil and into the depths.

I appreciated this reading from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School today:

The Moon slipped into the potent sign of Scorpio this morning at 5:40 am PDT, making an exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus just four hours later. This timing is a continuing activation of the seismic upheavals we are experiencing as the great cosmic change agent (Uranus) makes its slow transit through the sensuous, pleasure-loving earth sign Taurus over the next several years.

The Scorpio-Taurus resonant polarity is all about life force energy, both giving and receiving. As we bask in the influence of this Libra Full Moon (conscious equal partnership), we are being invited to slow down and take some time to discern what it is that makes us feel most authentically, viscerally alive.

Are there old patterns of clinging to comfort and safety that are no longer serving our highest good? Can we find the courage to go to the very brink of what makes us uncomfortable and look over the edge? It’s time to let go of all obstacles to the fullest expression of our juiciest, most powerful, most passionate selves.

With Mercury and Chiron coming together this evening in the impetuous fire sign of Aries, we are also being invited to speak our intuitive truth in the service of what we hold most dear, as a key to deeper healing.

How wonderful would it be to dance from this place of truth and power in every relationship—starting with the relationship with our deepest Self? Today is a good day to take that next, brave step… transformative magic awaits! ~ Posted by Silvianne K. Delmars

Astrology, as I’ve said before, is not about the planets controlling our behavior. When the birds startle out of a tree, they are not causing an earthquake, they are responding to subtle forces and their response gives us a message – if we’re paying attention.

I see the world … the universe … as my version of The Book in which the creator is always, always writing messages to us. And if we are wise, and willing to slow down and pay attention, we can learn so much. The planets and their never-ending motion through the skies around us, their ever-changing patterns of relationships, are also messages that we can learn from, if we are willing.

The High Priestess holds The Book in her hands – it is from that book of mysteries that she teaches – are you willing to learn?

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