As you become familiar with the tarot, you’ll notice that some cards appear to be a performance on a stage, like the Six of Pentacles, and others are embedded in a scene.

Today we see the performance of The Haves and the Have Nots in which the wealthy merchant weighs out the value of those before him and doles out some to the lucky and none to the unlucky. This is a deeply embedded cultural phenomena and is associated with beliefs that are just as deeply embedded.

  • You have to be worthy to receive
  • The poor will always be with us
  • Those who have are more deserving than those who don’t

The scales of justice have been replaced by the scales of the merchant and human life has been reduced to the value of what it’s worth to those who have. True then and truer now.

Too many of us spend too much of our lives doing work that we do not value, for people who do not value us. We live on the edges of solvency while creating more wealth for the already wealthy. Our system is not sustainable, and is teetering even now.

Some of us have examined our lives, our values, our beliefs, and how our hearts feel about it all – and we have walked away. Away from the empty halls of corporate life, from the back stabbing bitterness of office politics, from the constant pressure to do more and more and more until our lives are not sustainable. We don’t always know exactly what we are walking toward, but we understand that to remain is to become part of the walking dead – and we want to live.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Maat was the Goddess of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. After death, she weighed the human heart on her scales against a feather to see how light (or heavy) it had become.

The heart (left) is weighed against the feather (right)

Walking away looks different for everyone – and in the end it requires strength. The strength to look deeply at ourselves. The strength to look deeply at who we have become and to weigh and balance it against our true inner values, to see how light or heavy our heart has become.

Strength means we put ourselves into the point of view of eternity rather than the momentary. From the biggest possible picture – what does your life look like? Have you befriended all aspects of your Self? Is there complete and implicit trust between the daily you and the Divine You?

When we walk away, we walk toward – inner strength, inner peace, inner stability. It might be the journey of a night or of a lifetime. No matter – it is our own and no one else’s.

The moon goes full overnight and into tomorrow – the time to walk on is now. Are you ready?

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