Goddess Rising

I have been so heartened by the many discussions arising from yesterday’s fire at Notre Dame in Paris. And, at least in the people I follow on Twitter and am friends with on Facebook, the discussion has been sincere, heartfelt, and respectful.

One group of people noted that millions of dollars have already been raised globally to restore the cathedral and yet recently three historically black churches were burned in Louisiana in the past week and they also require funding to rebuild. Since this morning, over $900,000 has been raised toward the goal of $1.8 million. You can also contribute – even $5 will help.

Others have been discussing how we prioritize Christian sacred spaces and yet when Indigenous sacred sites are desecrated or destroyed, the response is ho hum, how primitive to worship a mountain, or lake, or sacred plant. Many people who were simply not aware of these discrepancies in values are starting to see things in a different light.

But what I’m really loving are the many discussions about this fire as a symbol of cleansing and purifying the Great Mother Goddess in all her aspects from Innanna to Isis to Mary to Brigid. So, the cards that fell from the deck for today’s reading are absolutely perfect.

I can’t speak for anyone else – and I do know that I do not want to move from patriarchy to matriarchy. I don’t actually want any -archy at all. No rulers but an egalitarian culture where we are respected for our individual selves – no matter who we are or how we identify ourselves in the moment.

That said, I do want to see the rise of the values that have, for too many millenia, been associated only with women. Tending and befriending, nurturing ourselves and others. Creativity, love, and passion.

This spread is a deeply, fiercely feminine set of values and experiences. Frankly, many (too many) men would be terrified at the inherent feminine power here. I’m not talking women – I’m talking feminine aspects that are present in all humans, even those who consider themselves to be singularly male.

We begin with the power, strength, and inherent integrity of the Queen of Wands. I may have suggested this previously, but I’ll suggest it again — take her stance. Sit with your feel firmly grounded, with your head rising toward heaven, strong back and open front. You are in your power here. Claim it for yourself.

Once we claim our power we shift and open to Love. Not sappy Lifetime movie love where women consider themselves incomplete without a ‘real’ man in their lives. No. The Ace of Cups is a love that flows eternally from the depths of our soul and moves through us, to nourish us, before it moves out into the world.

Finally, the stream of love winds its way to flow to the feet of the Empress, the Great Mother Goddess herself – Gaia. Listen – we will not survive if we turn our backs on Gaia and poison the plants that feed us, if we continue to chop down and desecrate the trees that are the lungs of our biosphere, and if we poison the waters of the earth.

Life is Willing

The Empress is pregnant with new life that she gives birth to over and over again. Without her, we die. There will be no rapture to take us into heaven, no alien spaceship to beam us away. This is it – here and now – and we women must lead the way with power and love.

Plant your gardens – in a tea cup on your windowsill, a planter on your porch, or rip out the front lawn and share the abundance that comes from the earth. The Goddess is Rising – will you rise with her?

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