I realized that I needed a few days of sabbatical from writing, from social media, from the internet, from phone calls and messages and texts and …

It was cold and blustery here in western New Mexico – the weather changeable from one minute to the next with scattered clouds and blue skies transforming to heavy clouds transforming to snow and sleet and transforming back again to scatter clouds and blue skies. Rinse and repeat, as they say.

It was lovely – and rather than push myself to do, to accomplish, I settled in to be and enjoy. I wrapped up in a comforter and stretched out on the couch and read mysteries from an author new to me – Kate Wilhelm – and I went through as many of her Barbara Holloway mysteries as my library could supply on the Kindle.

Then yesterday, I felt myself start to emerge from cocooning and I realized that I was going into low energy mode so that I could transform and shed some old skin – like a snake – a little vulnerable with changes so new I glistened a bit.

When a snake sheds its old skin, they look the same as before the new skin was revealed and the old sloughed off. The change occurred and it is both visible and invisible. That’s how I feel – and I’ll be taking time to explore and share what’s appropriate here. There will be changes that naturally emerge with this blog, some for my work with spiritual guidance, and some for me, myself, and I.

Guidance for the week of April 14 through April 20
Baba Yaga

As a child, I remember my Hungarian Grandmother Rose (I also had a Sicilian Grandmother Rose) telling me stories about Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch who lived in the woods in a house with chicken legs and who flew around in a mortar and pestle. I don’t remember details of any stories but somehow the fearsome part faded away and Baba Yaga is one of my favorite witches.

Deep over the wild, wild woods
Way above my chicken-legged hut
I, Grandmother, old woman nature, fly.
Come ask me a question and I will set you a task.
Do you come of your own accord or has another sent you?
Be careful, for I may either help or hinder you
Is your heart true?

In this deck by Lisa de St Croix, she offers Baba Yaga as a paradox and suggests that in the coming week we be aware that things may not be as they seem. “Open your mind to new possibilities and take risks.”

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