Affirmative Prayer ~ Part 2

It’s true – I’m a word nerd. I love words – and I love learning about their origin. Take the word recognize, for example. It means to know (cognize) again (re). It’s a kind of remembering. Our soul, our Inner Self, remembers everything – even those things we think that we never knew.

In last week’s post, we looked at the common forms of prayer: entreaty, bargaining, and gratitude. Then we considered the concept of false separation – the belief that we are tiny, individual, separate entities disconnected forever from one another and from the Divine.

Finally, we considered a new type of prayer that has as it’s premise we are not separate from the Divine but that the Essence of Life moves in, as, and through us. We are, in fact, expressions of God with free will and choice.

I asked you to consider prayer as a process in which we recognize the Divine, its manifold qualities, and we recognize those qualities as already existing in, as, and through ourselves.

I suggested that you spend some time thinking and writing about the concepts I offered for consideration. What appealed to you? What repulsed you? What made you want to argue? What made you tear up? What felt right in the depths of your heart?

Affirmative Prayer

This type of prayer is a five-step process:

  1. Recognition
  2. Unification
  3. Realization
  4. Gratitude
  5. Release


When we recognize something – it’s something we already knew. For example, if you saw someone on the street who you hadn’t seen or even thought about for many years – you would recognize them. You would know them again.

In the first step of affirmative prayer, you recognize the Divine. You might choose to call this the Essence, or God, or Source, or Spirit, or Allah, or Goddess, or any one of the the 10,000 names. You might have rejected the concept all together or you might have turned away confused and disappointed or you might have never really considered it at all.

To prepare for this step of prayer you must first define what the Divine is to you, then strip away any outdated and harmful beliefs that were given to you by others. For example – do you consider God to be a pissed off old white man with a long beard sitting on a throne and judging you? all.the.time.?! That’s an outdated and harmful belief.

The New Thought philosophy suggests that we learn to drop away from duality – thinking that we and the Divine are separate. Instead, we consider there is only One and that One moves in, as, and through every speck of creation – including you. How could you describe that One?

In the first step of Recognition, you want to enter into a meditative state (see my series on developing psychic skills for some suggestions) and then begin to contemplate that Oneness. I have listed a few suggestions below. You can focus on just one aspect – or all the aspects – or write your own.

Don’t just say the words – or just think them – or just read them. Instead, you want to feel them. What does each statement feel like to you? Feel your way into the truth.

Take some time each day this week to focus your contemplation on the recognition of the Oneness of Spirit. Feel it, let it seep into you and see what changes might occur.

Prayer: Step 1

I know there is only One. One Consciousness aware of all creation. One Mind that thinks though all beings. One Heart that holds all in compassion. One Power that speaks the word of creation. I know that the Essence is the One and only reality.

And so it is.

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