I have loved the Arthurian tales since I was a child. I’ve read almost every re-telling of the stories from ancient Welsh myths to Morte d’Arthur illustrated by Arthur Rackham (I bought that as a Christmas present for myself because I was pretty sure that year I wasn’t getting anything else I wanted) to Mary Stewart’s Crystal Cave books, to C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra series to The Dark Is Rising books by Susan Cooper to The Once and Future King by T. H. White to Patricia McKillip’s Kingfisher to … well … you get the idea. There’s a lot of books and movies and visions that arise from the Arthurian tales and the character that inspired me the most was Merlin.

Guidance for the week of April 7 through April 13


Arthurian Tarot: John & Catlin Matthews

On the surface, Merlin in this deck is simply a replacement for the Magician; the one who has access to and skills with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) in order to create by channeling the energy of heaven into earth/matter.

But, I also want to take it in a slightly different direction this week, I think it might be helpful for you.

“Merlin is a prophet, a seer, and also a poet. If you go back a bit further in time the mediaeval stories you run into a kind of inspired mad man, who lives in the woods, talks to a pet wolf and a pet pig, and sings poems about apple trees.” (Interview with John Matthews)

These qualities are often assigned to the High Priestess in the tarot but this expands those abilities out of the female-only realm into the human realm. Yes, women – yes, men – yes, children – we all have access to these skills as I’ve been teaching in my psychic skills series.

Merlin – Aubrey Beardsley

If you are reading this, then the suggestion for you is to get in touch with your inner prophet, seer, poet, madwoman. Relish it and let it free you.

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