Shabbos Oracle: Wait

Night is falling, candles have been lit; the peace of the Sabbath descends upon my home. May the peace of Shabbos fill you and yours as well. 

This is the final night of the Aries dark moon, we have the opportunity to consider again the seeds we want to plant in the rich, dark soil of our lives. What do you want to practice over the next month … kindness? self-love? abundance? joy? Tomorrow, the first sliver of the waxing crescent moon will appear in the evening sky for a few moments and that is our signal to plant.

Today, we are cautioned to wait until the time is right – yes, for planting seeds of new habits but also to wait for the timing on everything. Do not rush headlong … anywhere.

The Hanged Man is Odin, awaiting enlightenment, hanging on Yggsadril, the World Tree. Hanging between heaven and earth, free to climb down and walk away at any time. And yet … the reward is worth the discomfort.

It can be uncomfortable to wait – for understanding, for completion, for insight, for revelation, for the right time. We see the timing in the final card for the reading. The Eight of Cups shows us the eclipsed moon. We’ve had one lunar eclipse this year already, on January 20th. The next, and only other lunar eclipse this year, is July 16th. (next year there are four lunar eclipses)

This reading recommends that whatever big issues you are waiting on, you’ll be emotionally prepared to move on it in July. But what do you do in the meantime?

Develop your ability to adapt. Take on the energy of the Hanged Man, be still and be aware of what’s going on around you in the physical world (pentacles). Learn to be flexible and responsive to the situation (ie. don’t be reactive, don’t be proactive – simply be responsive). And don’t forget to have fun! This person is juggling on the shore of the sea, they’re dancing. As you await the right time, don’t get bogged down in the seriousness of it all – have some fun.

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