Aries Dark Moon

We are at the center of the three days of the dark moon; this month it occurs in the sign of Aries, the fiery ram. During the dark moon phase, the sun and moon rise and set together in an invisible dance – since the silvery moon is hidden by the bright sun.

The dark moon is the time to prepare your inner garden and contemplate the seeds that you wish to plant when the first crescent appears briefly in the evening sky. What is it that you want to grow in your life?

During the dark moon, the stars come into their full glory in the night sky – especially for those of us who live far from the bright lights of city or suburb. The moon conceals as much as she reveals.

I asked for guidance on what seed to consider today and then plant on Saturday and received the Ace of Wands – the primal fire of creativity! Perfect for the Aries season.

I’ve been primary using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck on this blog, but you can see that each artist interprets the energy of the card in their own unique way.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself, perhaps journal about:

  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • What lights you on fire?
  • What have you created in the past that you still feel that glow of satisfaction and joy?
  • What do you want to create now?
  • What’s in the way of your potential and how can you burn that obstacle away?
  • Where do you believe in yourself 100% and how can you expand that into other areas of your life?
  • When do you notice that you’ve been inspired and what is the essence of that inspiration?
  • When do you notice that you’ve inspired another – and what is the essence of that inspiration?
  • When does your courage emerge – and where you do need it in your life right now?

For me –

  • I am most passionate about discovering ancient knowledge and new knowledge; I’m as interested in archaeology as I am in quantum physics because it all emerges into patterns of inspiration. This is what lights me on fire.
  • The three creations I am most proud of are: my daughter, a farmers market, and my master’s thesis. This blog, my energy medicine and spiritual guidance practice are some of the ways I am now expressing my creativity – and new aspects are emerging even now.
  • Being unrooted is in the way of me being able to express my potential and I feel that I am about to shift that experience and send down a taproot.
  • I believe in myself 100% in in ability to truth my intuition, my communication with Spirit and the past few months have expanded that belief into many new areas of my life.
  • I am inspired by beauty – in nature, in art, music, poetry, people.
  • I inspire others by my ability to listen to the words under the words and offer resources from my extremely broad set of knowledge and skills.
  • In the past my courage emerges in a way that is noticeable to me when I feel the call to protect. I hear from others that the life I’ve chosen to live is one that is courageous but for me it seems like it’s simply the next best step.

I’d be delighted if you would share your own thoughts in the comments!

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