Last week I had a reading of my Akashic records. I’d heard about it, didn’t really quite understand what it was or how it worked, but I was curious, as always.

She did a meditation and prayer and then began to receive information from her Spirit guides in the Akash. We sat silently together – she receiving information in a direct way and I was meditating and receiving information from a less focused visualization. After all the (low-level) hassle of moving, I finally started to feel more grounded.

Then the information began to pour out of her – as I look over my notes, I can barely believe that it was only 30 minutes. All the information felt like an affirmation of things I had thought and felt over the past years. She gave recommendations from the records on an incredibly wide variety of topics in my life and all of them were spot on … except for moving to L.A. That was nowhere near spot on (I hope!!).

Over the past few days, I’ve felt things shifting inside – but it wasn’t until today, as I drove back from Grants, up and over the Continental Divide, that it all started to fall into place for me – like dominoes.

Today’s cards tell that story and then expands on it for all of us. We begin with the Ace of Swords – new information, new knowledge, new intuition, new beliefs – all of these are encompassed by this card along with the understanding that all this new-ness is coming to you through the Divine. It’s not just a newspaper article that you find interesting … it’s a newspaper article that answers a question that you’ve been focused on understanding.

That new information kicks off a quest to discover the emotional foundations of the life you want to establish. You can think it into being – but that’s a lot of brute hard work, when you add in the emotional component of feeling it as completely as possible then the work lessens and the enjoyment rises.

Notice this Knight of emotions is riding through a dry desert, there is nothing to sustain him but he knows there is fresh, flowing water just ahead that can fill his cup and he can drink to satiation. It may be that right now you are feeling like you’re moving through a dry desert type of situation. This card recommends that you trust that the emotional nourishment is nearby and you are moving in the right direction.

When you continue to move forward as you gather more information and continue to feel your way forward, you reach your goal – you step through the spiritual doorway into a new world. Your world. One that you’ve shaped, formed, and created based on your inner relationship with the divine. It doesn’t get much better than the completion of an old cycle of your life and stepping through into a new one. A life that suits you much better than anything you’ve allowed yourself in the past.

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