Earlier this evening, I sat out on my front steps – just being. Even though I now live right off a two-lane highway, it is a quiet road most of the time.

My dog lay nearby, and I heard … a woodpecker knocks on a nearby tree; songbirds practice their evensong; one of the horses whinnies – perhaps eager for dinner; a neighbor’s dog barks a few times then quiets down; and in between is woven the silence of living far from the maddening crowd.

Talking with a client earlier today, I admitted – this isn’t the life for everyone. I wasn’t sure if it would be the life for me. It seems that I’ve survived the first winter here – it was harsher than it had been for decades – and we are slowly emerging into spring.

There’s going to be hard labor for me to truly settle into my place. In preparation, I’m going to help with building a cabin across the road and do some of the easier landscaping. I want to know and learn this land and see if we are truly compatible.

Meanwhile, I feel blessed.

In gatherings of friends or when chatting with clients, I hear about a lot of planning; the sense that they are almost ready to begin a project, a relationship, a job, a move, but they want to plan it out first. That’s our Three of Pentacles in a nutshell. The energy of wanting to create the plans and then work from that plan.

In the best of all worlds, the design and the work inform one another so that both are constantly evolving until the project is finished.

I’m also hearing about people feeling more and more clear that they are here to do something in particular – to achieve … or better yet … to become a particular purpose in this world at this time. But … I hear quite a few buts. And from what I can tell, they still feel trapped by their old beliefs, their old lives, their old obligations and promises and responsibilities.

The Queen of Swords says: Free Yourself. She knows that you can because she did. She didn’t dump the beliefs, obligations, promises, or responsibilities – she didn’t run away from her life. She considered them all and what no longer fit with who she had become, with who she sensed she was becoming, she cut it away, she set herself free.

Creating the plan and freeing yourself are your two assignments right now. And just as the design and the work inform each other – so does the process of setting yourself free become the third aspect of your endeavor.

The vision is offered to us by the Nine of Pentacles. She came up in a recent reading about ease. She represents the end result of becoming your mission, of living out your vision of the most perfect possible life.

Notice all the clusters of three pentacles – in the the Three card and then again in the Nine card. It’s about giving birth to whatever you’ve been gestating, it’s about getting in harmony with the vibration of your fertility and using it to grow the best possible life for you … and the world.

Like my own life at this moment, this reading is a blessing for all of us.

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Bright Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    I also am living in a quiet, rural setting I never would have predicted I’d end up in. But the quiet has been the greatest blessing and help for my own internal work. We are covered in wildflowers right now, and I hope your spring becomes equally beautiful.


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