How to Develop Your Psychic Skills – Part 6

Today’s post is the last one in this series. Next week, we’ll start a new series on affirmative prayer. Instead of developing our psychic skills, we’ll be developing our listening skills as we continue to learn how to communicate with our soul (our psyche).

Your psychic skills are deeply interconnected with your ability to use your imagination. We’ve been told for too many years to take our heads out of the clouds, to stop living in an imaginary world, to leave our daydreams behind for whatever reality may be to whoever is berating us.

And yet, without our ability to imagine – we are like birds with clipped wings – we know that we should be able to soar, we don’t understand why we can’t. Spread your wings, let the flight feathers grows back, and begin to trust your imagination and your intuition to lead you forward.


As always, I recommend keeping a journal or notebook. After each practice, write down your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts. Returning to this notebook and reading it over or adding to it will be invaluable as time goes on. For those who don’t necessarily prefer words, you can also create a comic, draw, paint, or sketch; write a piece of music or a poem to capture your experiences.


In the past weeks, you’ve been working on practices for breathing and meditation as a way of developing focus and discipline. You’ve also been working on visualization (a form of imagination) through candle gazing and clairvoyance exercises.


Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body. Those things that happen when you are stressed, such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease as you breathe deeply to relax. (University of Michigan)

For many of us, deep breathing seems unnatural. There are several reasons for this. For one, body image has a negative impact on respiration in our culture. A flat stomach is considered attractive, so people tend to hold in their stomach muscles. This interferes with deep breathing and gradually makes shallow “chest breathing” seem normal, which increases tension and anxiety.

Shallow breathing limits the diaphragm’s range of motion. The lowest part of the lungs doesn’t get a full share of oxygenated air. That can make you feel short of breath and anxious. Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure. (Harvard Medical School)


  • Sit in a comfortable, upright position or lie down in a place where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Place your hand on your lower belly (either hand is fine)
  • As you inhale, let your breath move to the belly, allow your belly to expand fully as possible.
  • Exhale, first by simply releasing the breath and then by pressing your belly toward your backbone, pushing out all the air.
  • Repeat this for at least five minutes – breathing into your belly and then exhaling all the air.
  • Note down how you feel at the end of this practice and whether it’s different than when you started.


Continue to meditate – every day. Set a timer for five minutes and increase it by one minute each day until you are meditating for 15 to 20 minutes a day. You can do it in one session or break it into two sessions.

Meditation is not simply a woowoo waste of time nor is it limited to religious or spiritual practices. It has a real effect on our brains and bodies.

Regular practice of meditation is associated with increased thickness in a subset of cortical regions related to somatosensory, auditory, visual and interoceptive processing. Further, regular meditation practice may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex. (link to research)

Even 15 – 20 minutes of meditation each day can create significant positive changes for inexperienced meditators within 6 to 8 weeks. (link to research)

If you are an experienced meditator, please leave your favorite meditation in the comments below. Thanks!


Merriam-Webster defines precognition as a form of clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. This is a skill that you can practice as you go about your daily life.


  • Each day (or week … or month) choose one activity that you want to focus. As an example, we’ll use phone calls and texts.
  • Set your intention in the morning that you will know who is calling or texting you throughout the day, before you check.
  • Each time you hear the sound for your call or text, pause and ask your intuition, who is reaching out to you. Maybe a picture will form, a word will drop into your mind, or the information will come to you some other way
  • Then check to see who it is.
  • Afterwards, jot down in your notebook: who you thought it was, who it actually was, and how you felt when you were correct and when you were not correct.
  • The feelings in your body when you imagine who is contacting you will begin to get stronger as you practice more often. You will know ahead of time when you are correct and when you are simply guessing.

Thank you so much for participating in this series. Links to the full series can be found below

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