I took a quick trip into town to pick up my weekend mail; lo and behold – my newest tarot deck had arrived! Invoking the Goddess by Lisa de St. Croix is the first round deck that I’ve had in a very long time and I love the way it feels in my hands – the illustrations are varied and gorgeous.

Guidance for the week of March 31 through April 6


Make a celebration in gratitude for the gifts in your life.
Honor the Goddess in revelry!

How often do you celebrate? Not a quiet glass of wine with a friend, or knocking back a few brews with your buds – but an honest to goodness celebration with music and dance and wonderful foods and even more wonderful community.

We used to do this as a matter of life. Whatever your indigenous heritage is, from whatever combination of continents your ancestors traveled through, celebration and revelry were an integral part of life. Sowing and reaping, birth and death, coming of age and entering the wisdom years — all were worth celebrating and were celebrated.

A friend has been posting photos of her travels through Central and South America. I was struck by the casual beauty of the art and color that festooned even the humblest of dwellings. And then I thought of the dour European immigrants who landed here in their gray and black and built for utility – never for beauty. And I though of what we were missing by that lack of joy and celebration.

I was with some friends a few days ago at breakfast; he gave his pink cigarette lighter to the other woman at the table. Because, in his mind, men don’t wear or use anything pink. They wear the solemn black, browns, and blues. I think of other men who blossom in varied colors and textures; their hearts more open their joys and sorrows are out on their colorful sleeves.

Our guidance this week is to celebrate in gratitude for the gifts in your life. The large gifts … and even more significant … the small gifts. All those people, things, and experiences that enhance your life. How can you celebrate them? Start small and get big.

On Twitter, a person I follow re-posted a friend asking for suggestions on how to celebrate her 50th birthday. I remembered a friend who invited 50 women who had influenced her throughout her life to come to her home for the day or the weekend and the gift she asked for was a story about how she had contributed to their life.

What a celebration it was! We talked and cooked and ate; we walked the labyrinth on her land, and along the shore of the pond; we made art and poetry, and sang together. I never saw most of those women again but it has stayed with me for years now.

A few weeks ago, a longtime member of my new community died. He was buried here on the land he loved and today was a celebration of his life and his friendship. People gathered for a potluck, to walk to the grave site – even in the cold wind and snow – and then to tell stories. I didn’t attend, not knowing him, but I am sure there was drumming and singing and laughter and tears and … yes … celebration.

This week, see if you can find a way to celebrate something each day. Something small or large. Let yourself sing, maybe dance. Perhaps invite someone to share your celebration. Learn how it might become a habit in your life.

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