Windstorm Bop

So, I sat down to shuffle the cards and pull a reading. I shuffle first by the traditional riffle method and then the underhand method and wait until random cards fall or stick out of the deck. The cards are pretty well mixed in. And even so, I got the three cards from yesterday’s reading. I guess that guidance still applies!

Instead of a reading, I’ll offer another poem for you. I tend to write serious or thoughtful poems, so this was an attempt at a lighthearted one.

Windstorm Bop … or … Losing My Internet

A lovely windstorm last night
was very dramatic,
singing outside my windows,
shining up the stars,
she had all the time,
and she took it.

She took it and she shook it!

Leaves that still clung
to low bushes
shook and rattled
and refused to let go.
I don’t know how deep
their roots grow
but I know their
quiet, stubborn strength.

She took it and she shook it!

Trees, shrubs, grasses,
ravens, hawks, sparrows, they all
held on, rooted to space and place.
She looked further afield and found
perched atop the rooftop, frail
human contraption.

She took it and she shook it!

It twisted and turned in the dancing gusts,
leaving me adrift, with the shooting stars, in the night sky.

Emma MacKenzie

The Bop is a newish poetry form created by Afaa Michael Weaver.

  • has three stanzas
  • each stanza is followed by a refrains
  • the first stanza is 6 lines and presents a problem
  • the second stanza is 8 lines and explores/expands the problem
  • the third stanza is 6 lines and either presents a solution or documents the failed attempt to resolve the problem

I added in the final two lines because the poem needed it for completion. Feel free to write your own bop poem and leave it in the comments below!