Hello Everyone! It’s good to be back after a few extra days that I needed to settle in to my new home. It’s not quite perfect yet, but it’s well on the way. Tomorrow I’ll have my first visitors – friends from Montana passing through from there to elsewhere.

It’s not always easy to put a commitment aside and then return to it. At least for me. I’m often afraid that if I don’t stick to it – no matter what – that I’ll never pick it back up again. It’s led to a life of extremes sometimes – all or nothing. Either I commit 100% to a project, sometimes to my personal detriment … or I’ll figure “why bother” as if not being able to give 100% means I shouldn’t give anything at all.

So here I am, an old dog still learning new tricks. I can make a commitment, and mean it, and still put it aside for a few days to take care of myself. Even better, I can come back and pick up where I left off.

This is a good time of the year to realize that your old ego can pick up a few new tricks to your benefit. The Sun is still in the first degrees of Aries – which represents our ego – the face we show to the world, and the one we sometimes forget isn’t all of who we are. Each ten degrees can be considered a level of mastery and we are still at the beginning of our annual trip into the land of the Ram where we have the opportunity to rebuild our ego. For the better. Or not.

Venus just moved into Pisces today and so the question you can ask yourself is: how deeply can I love myself for the the Divine Being that I actually am? What do I need to let go of in order to open up to love, harmony, and beauty?

Today’s spread is the journey from “I don’t want to know” to “I have access to all knowledge” through the Queen of self love. Notice that the Queen of Wands has the Two of Swords on one side and the Two of the Major Arcana – the High Priestess – on the other.

Too often we begin anything – whether it’s simply opening our eyes in the morning or starting a new venture – with our eyes closed and our heart protected. Can you recognize the stance of the Two of Swords in yourself? It’s a great big no.

She must make a decision (two is a binary – this or that, yin or yang) and she just doesn’t want to know or see. Her arms are crossed over her heart and her feet are planted firmly on the ground. This is her choice. She could put down the words and take off the blindfold. And when she is ready, she will.

The Two of Swords asks you to to at least peek out over the blindfold. You can put it back easily, but take a quick, quiet look around. It may be that you are ready to relax your protective stance, and see that you are safe enough to stand up and take the next step.

It delights me that the Queen of Wands comes to show us the next step. Self-love, confidence, joy, and light. She is the light of her own life, she is the sun that her life revolves around. No one else takes her power away.

You can see that she has the same posture as the Two of Swords, feet planted firmly, erect, and ready to respond. But this Queen has her heart open to receive. We can see this as a reflection of Venus moving into Pisces – loving our innate divinity.

One practice you might try is to choose a card, in this case the Queen of Wands, and take the posture. Close your eyes and as you sit just as she sites, imagine how you would feel being her.

In this reading, the Queen’s heart is open to receive knowledge and wisdom from the High Priestess. If the Queen is the sun, the High Priestess is the Moon (look at the moon at her feet, at the three phases of the moon on her crown), and the Two of Swords is a reflection of that moon energy (see the moon in the sky behind her?).

Rather than having her arms crossed over her heart as a protection, she wears an ancient cross that pre-dates Christianity representing the four elements, four seasons, four directions. Instead of the two swords pointing in opposite directions, indicating that the Two of Swords is conflicted about her decisions, the High Priestess retains the binary of the two columns and she sits at the center, able to integrate them all.

The High Priestess asks: once you are able to love yourself openly and completely – what are you now willing to know? Are you ready to delve into ancient wisdom and will always lead you in the best possible direction?

Those of you reading this blog are already interested in the mystical, the esoteric, the mysteries. They aren’t mysteries because they are hidden, but because they are so simple that most refuse to see.

She holds the scroll labeled: tora(h) which in Hebrew means: teachings. She is your Soul. If you’ve been following my series on developing your psychic skills, you’ll already have a good foundation on strengthening your always existing relationship with your soul. She is always there – she has the answers to all your questions. You need only be still, listen, and allow it to emerge into your consciousness.

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