Last night, I realized that an electric space heater would be a helpful addition to my new home. I have a very good one … in storage … 1,920 miles away. So this morning I went off to the closest stores – 45 miles one way.

The drive was gorgeous, I passed over the continental divide at 7,882 elevation, through the high desert forests, and back down to the open landscapes and big skies. When I am in motion, through beautiful landscapes, I am deeply content.

None of the stores had what I was looking for. I picked up a few supplies and headed back home. After I got the dog settled, I walked across the highway to the art gallery for a season opening party, and while chatting with the owner, I mentioned my unsuccessful morning activity.

“Oh,” he said, “you can use this one if you like.” He pointed to the exact electric heater that I had hoped to find.

This is serendipity. This is how life is supposed to work. We discover that there is a thing or person or experience that would enrich our lives. We dig into the essence of that desire, and we trust that somehow it will show up. Then it does.

I didn’t get frantic or upset or angry or huffy when my long trip to the nearby small city didn’t produce the heater. I enjoyed the experience as a whole. I didn’t know, or necessarily expect, that the heater would show up in such a way, but it did.

This is how I live my life as much as I can. I experience a tremendous amount of serendipity – from finding homes, to finding work, to discovering the next piece of information I need for a project, or a decision, or just out of curiosity.

It doesn’t mean there are no challenges or obstacles in our lives, or that every road is smooth and easy. It does mean that we trust. We trust ourselves, we trust our heart’s clear desires (not the same as the ego’s desires, by the way), we trust the guidance we receive from our relationship with our soul. It doesn’t mean that all you need to do is bask in the sunshine and bags of money will regularly fall from the sky into your lap – or that you should take frantic action. It does mean that you should take action inspired by your intuition.

I also know that my trip this morning wasn’t necessarily only about me – while I was inspired by the drive and the scenery, my interactions with the store clerks or cashier might have been important to them. Perhaps my choice to drive a little more slowly than some of the people rushing by inspired someone to slow down and be more present. It’s not important for me to know. It’s important for me to trust. so far, it’s working out pretty well.

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