A Tale: The Seer

We last saw Death in White Horses as it left the young woman by the shores of her lake to ponder her future.

Death was troubled. They knew the young woman, Rasha was her name, would not be staying long at the lake. They made preparations for her upcoming journey through their allies, and sent messages to prepare the way for her.

Death remained troubled. As they traveled throughout the land, they sensed that something had changed in the people they encountered. Many seemed to be awaiting Death, instead of in their homes or places of work or worship, the people began to seek Death out on the road, their hands already upraised to receive the gift of the red strand and they walked away from Life without a backward glance.

Onward Death traveled until they came to the shores of the sea. They discovered a seer, juggling the pentacles of eternity, and asked for a vision.

“Do you not know all things, mighty Death?” asked the seer humbly.

Death shook their head slowly and the seer heard in her mind, “no, I know only the tasks I am given by the Moirai who spin, measure, and cut the thread of life for all. I am but their servant, willing I am to serve them and all those beings who pass through the gates of birth unto death.”

The seer nodded, and began to juggle eternity, seeking a vision for Death, who came humbly asking for guidance. Death waiting patiently, watching the pentacles as they rose and fell in a counterpart to the rising and falling of the ocean waves.

The seer spoke, “Death, great one, I see you traveling a long way, beyond any of the lands you have traveled through. I see the people of these lands clamoring for the gift of the red strand, but it is nowhere to be found, for you have passed beyond this world. You have been sent to the shores of a lake on the other side of the veil to seek the guidance of the Starborn. She has a greater vision and a message for you to bring back to these lands.”

The seer fell silent, trembling with the vision. Death dismounted and drew a dipper of water from a nearby well and offered it to the seer who smiled and drank deeply.

Again, although Death did not appear to speak, the seer heard in her mind, “Seer, did you see the way I should take to being this journey beyond where I have been?”

The seer nodded and she pointed toward the harbor, “you must find a ship with the sign of the pentacles and they will take you where you need go next.”

Death nodded and drew, not a red strand but a white one. “When you desire me, I will come. The Moirai release you from your fate into your choice.”

Bowing deeply in gratitude, the seer rose and watched Death ride down to the harbor.

... to be continued …

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