Shabbos Musings

Night has fallen, candles have been lit; the peace of the Sabbath descends upon my home. May the peace of Shabbos fill you and yours as well. 

When I light the Shabbos candles, I speak the prayers of an ancient language celebrating light, love, and the blessings of life. Shabbos – to cease – to step back from engaging in the outer life and to enter the silence of the inner life.

This morning I woke to a wild little spring flurry of snow – the winds pushed the flakes quickly by the windows – they rise and fall in the sudden gusts. Each window brings a different view – snow here, blue skies there – the air is chilly and dry.

I woke early to finish packing and tidying and loading up the car. This has been the easiest move I can remember – no drama, minimal anxiety, and so much generosity from so many people. I am grateful.

I spent the day unpacking and beginning to find my way toward settling in. like our cards yesterday, I felt that everything was both very familiar and very strange. I’m so glad that I can easily walk over to the cafe for my next few meals until I get the kitchen sorted out.

After a lovely dinner with friends, I return home to visit with you; in the background, David Grisman and Andy Statman play Yerushalyim Irkhah, the sorrowful sounds of of mandolin and clarinet weave a spell of quiet through the rooms which melds with the growing twilight, the rising wind, the ending of another day, the first night in my new home.

Today I’ve been blessed with the kindness of friends new and old, and family. Today I’ve been blessed with trust, companionship, laughter. Today I’ve been blessed with another day in the life I’ve come to enjoy so deeply.

Tomorrow, I’ll return to the Daily Oracle, meanwhile, may you also be blessed with what you most treasure – the dreams of your deep heart.